Kellie's Bio
Name: Kellie Ramona Peterson

AKA: Kel and Baby Doll

Birthdate: 3/3/85

Age: 18

P.O.B.: Leeds, England

Species: Kamimortal

Occupation: Songwriter and student

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'5"

Love Status: Dating

Likes: Writing songs, playing her guitar, singing, shopping, sweets, anime, Gorillaz, England, boys, 2-D, Prince William, Spice Girls, British comedies, France, clothes, lingerie, Linkin Park, iPods, Bloc Party, make-up, bishounen Incubus, manga, Madonna, Sneaker Pimps, No Doubt, music, Death Cab for Cutie, Coldplay, Internet, and dogs

Outfit: Bubble gum pink blouse, plum, pink, and maroon plaid skirt, maroon pantyhose, bubble gum pink cardigan, black leather dress shoes, and silver jewelry

Animal Chibi: Rabbit

    Sweet and hyper, Kellie hails from Leeds. After her parents split, her father went to Hamburg, Germany, and she and her mother went to London. Her mother is a music producer and is really famous in England. From an early age, she really want get into music. From the age of eight, she practically begged her mother to give her a record deal. At first, the woman turned down her child. When Kellie didn't give up, her mother made a deal with her: keep your grades up to A's and B's and I will give you a record deal by the time you are twenty. From there, the girl began her mission to become a successful musician.

    A descendant of Helen, Kellie ate piece of the dead maiden's heart in a candy bar. Helen took care of her for seventy days. By the time she was twelve, Kellie wanted to play the guitar. After this time, she had the grades for the requirement and her mother bought her daughter her first guitar. She even underwent lessons from one of the top guitar teachers in London. Kellie learned quickly and enjoyed every single lesson that she had. By the age of fifteen, she had singing training as well. By the time she was seventeen, Kellie began writing her own songs. With all three of those elements in her back pocket, she just had three more years before she had that record deal in her hands.

    Kellie met Noizchild in England and they became close. It didn't take her long to sign up to work in the academy in Japan as the song writer for the multiple works produced there. Kellie is a little too clingy to Noiz. She is currently dating a rock star named Chris who is on her mother's label. Naturally, her mother is not too easy about this relationship, but he's really good to her daughter despite his sleazy looks. Kellie has one dog named Kel.