Ash (James) Ketchum:

    He is 14 years old and lived in Pallet Town. He may be a little dumb but he has a good heart, his pokémon are his friends for life, and he is determined to win and become a pokémon master. Some people think that Ash likes Kasumi. Well, he doesn't! He doesn't know much about poetry. His rival is Gary Oak always gets teased by him. He likes pokémon training, battles, and catching pokémon.  He traveled with Kasumi and Brock. He maybe tough on the outside but on the inside he is sweet. He owes Kasumi for her broken bike. His mom embarrasses him by reminding him to change his underwear every single day. He has no sisters or brothers at all.

Angela Brown:

She is fourteen years old. She used to live in New York, New York. She is a beautiful and confident black. She also is Ash Ketchum's girlfriend and Gray Oak's ex-girlfriend. She flirts with Ash to make him nervous. Kasumi is jealous of Angela. She loves swimming and body boarding. She may act tough on the outside but she is sweet on the inside. She studies in Japan and gets a lot of good grades. A pokémon trainer. She has four sisters named Jeania, Moesha, Teeny, and Shannon.

Jen Ketchum:

Jen is the adopted daughter of Ash and Angela. Her powers are Rain forest and friendship. She is eight years old and her birthday is June 30. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She wears black t-shirt, tight blue jeans, and sandals. She is  sugar and spice She is in 8th grade in Spanish, and 2nd grade in everything else.

Kita Ketchum: Her real parents left her in a rain forest and drove off.  She becomes hungry so she stuck up the sap from the tree. That's when she got her powers. Ash adopts her because he didn't think Angela wasn't have any children. She is in 4th grade in Spanish, and kindergarten grade in everything else.

Machi Ketchum:  She is in 12th grade in Spanish, and 6th grade in everything else.

Maria Ketchum: She keeps in contact with her sister and her parents.

Ray Ketchum:

She is Ash and Angela's biological daughter. She is two and her birthday is on June 29. Her powers are Babies. She has tan skin, black hair in two little skinny ponytails, and brown eyes. She wears a white silk dress, a white sash, and light blue shoes. She is a nice and shy baby. She can walk. She can't talk. She is potty trained.

Raen Ketchum: She wears dark blue jeans with a yellow sweater. She is in 6th grade.

Mai Ketchum: She wears a pink blouse and a tight black skirt. She is in 10th grade.

Kei Ketchum: She wears a dark blue dress with black four inch high heels. She keeps in contact with her sister and her parents.