Chapter Twenty-Three: Kida-Sensei to Muraki:

The professor needed a supplier.

January 17th, 2010.

Kida-sensei walked through an underground bar in Toshima uneasily. These type of bars were worse than the clubs, seedy like the Yakuza. No, even the worst of the Yakuza wouldn't be seen here. The professor's eyes watered at the heavy smoke inside.

Yuck! I hate smoking. Disgusting! He found it worse when women smoked, so unladylike. Kida-sensei shook his head. No time for social commentary. Just get on with it. He strengthened his resolve. Right� He came up to the bar. The tender gave him a little smile.

"Professor," he said. "How are you tonight?" Kida-sensei looked away.

"Please don't talk to me," he said. "Just the sake."

"Oh! Liquid courage?"

"Just get the drink!" Kida-sensei said.

"Right," The bar poured him a half cup of sake. Kida-sensei drank up, paid the tab, and headed out the back way. Anything to get away from the smoke. The air felt cold and clear. Kida-sensei didn't get time to enjoy. He pushed himself to keep moving. Follow the lights turn left, follow the street, come to the run-down apartment. The professor looked around. He buried his hands in his coat pockets.

"Okay, I'm here!" he said aloud. "Come out, Muraki-san." The doctor in white strolled towards him.

"Good evening," he said.

"Do you have the supplies?" Kida-sensei asked.

"Yes, I do."

"Well, let's see it."

Muraki held up his hand. "Patience. There is something you have to do for me."

"Yes, yes. Name it. I'll do it."

"This can't be undone."

"I don't care! Just name it!"

"Very well." Muraki whispered his request in the professor's ear. Kida-sensei looked at him with big eyes.

"But� But�" he stammered out. The doctor held up his hand.

"That is the agreement," he said. Kida-sensei gritted his teeth.

"Damn," he muttered. "You and her drive hard bargains!"

"Oh, how is your girlfriend by the way?" Muraki asked. Kida-sensei's cheeks reddened.

"It's not like that!" he barked. "Ai-chan's just a student, a student!"

"My apologies."

"Just hand me the supplies!" the professor snapped.

"Alright," Muraki replied. He reached into his coat and pulled out a key card. Kida-sensei's jaw dropped.

"No way," he whispered. "You're giving me�"

"Wait," the doctor said. "This is the most powerful batch yet."

"Okay. So?"

"Oh, just a little warning."

"Whatever. Just give me the card!"

"Ask me nicely."

Kida-sensei snorted. "You're joking, right?" Muraki looked at him, waiting. The professor breathed out.

"Could I please have the key card?" he asked. Muraki handed the card to him. Kida-sensei snatched it right out of his hand.

"What do you say?" the doctor asked.

"Thanks," the professor mumbled. Muraki smirked.

"Good night," he said before he disappeared into the night. Kida-sensei rolled his eyes.