Kitten Festival

I: Kitties on Parade:

Today is the Cat Festival. Everyone is wearing cat ears and going to the caf�s in the city. The maids look great as cat girls today. There�s even going to be a party at the newest club later tonight. Even little kids are wearing cat ears. Their teachers look just as cute.

The guys were shy to do this at first. It took their girlfriends to talk them into it. The women wouldn�t give up either. The cat ears worked to their advantage in the flirting game.

�Pretty please?� they asked. �You would look good in them.� Despite their attempts to fight it, the girls won out. Naturally, the guys felt ridiculous wearing the cat ears, but anything for love, yes?

There are many types of cats out on the loose today. Even the real ones have trouble trying to keep track of so many ears walking around all over the place. The human �cats� want to out beautiful each other to turn heads, score a date, or spice up their love lives for a day.

The Factory stars are no different today.

II: Cute Cats:

Pandora looks cute in her cat ears. Hunter and Evan give her whistles as she walks by. She wasn�t too certain about them at first.

�How are they?� she asked. �I designed them myself.�

�They look great,� Jemina answered. Her own cat ears matched her friend�s. Pandora�s eyes lit up brighter than the sun.

�Really? I�m so happy to hear that!� she exactly. Jemina patted her on the back.

�Great!� she said. �We have to get going.� Pandora gave her a strange look.

�Go where?� she asked. Jemina turned to her at the doorway with a smile on her face.

�Oh, just to a friend of mine�s party,� she replied. �Now, let�s get going!� She grabbed Pandora by the hand and dragged her along with her.

III: Feisty Cats:

Then there are feisty cats. Jenny is ones of these cats today. She looks at herself with the black and red ears on her head.

�So how do I look?� the singer asked, turning around to her husband on the bed. Ryan himself sported brown cat ears. He still couldn�t figure out how she talked him into this.

�It�s good,� he said.

�Am I sexy?� Jenny asked.

�Yes,� Ryan answered. His wife crawled onto the bed with him, staring deep into his eyes.

�Prove it to me,� she purred. Ryan gave her an odd look.

�How do I do that?� he asked. Jenny�s lips came within inches of his.

�Kiss me,� she commanded. Ryan folded faster than a cheap chair. His wife pinned him down to the bed, clawing at his shirt.

�Wait,� Ryan said in her ear. Jenny stared him down.

�Shut up, Ryan!� she hissed. The woman forced another kiss on his lips.

IV: Sassy Cats:

Then there are sassy cats. Jemina feels sassy today. Everywhere she goes with Pandora, the whistles follow. She blows a kiss to all the admirers.

�Thanks! You�re beautiful!� she shouted. The curved woman modeled off her ears, shoes, and clothes. She winked at two alpha male �cats� watching her from the manga caf�. Pandora looked around amazed.

�How do you do it?� she asked. Jemina turned to her with a flirty smile on her face.

�It�s just the charm that I possess,� she answered.

�What about me?� her friend asked. �Do I have that charm you possess?� Jemina took her by her cheeks.

�No, but you have your own charm to draw attention,� she replied. The model patted the designer on the cheek before heading further down the street. Pandora stood, blinking.

�Okay then,� she mumbled.

V: Fierce Cats:

Then there are fierce cats. Toshiko fills in this role neatly. Initially, she didn�t want to do this festival.

�This is stupid,� she muttered.

�Oh come on,� Violet Rays said with her purple cat ears. �I think it�s kind of fun.� The tomboy actor rolled her eyes.

�Whatever,� she muttered. �I still don�t see the point. This damn country already has too many stupid festivals already.�

�What�s one more?� Violet asked. Toshiko frowned at her.

�Look, if I wear the stupid ears, will you get off my ass about this?� she asked. Violet put up her hands in a shrug.

�Yes,� she said. The tough actress pondered her options.

�Fine, give me the stupid ears,� she muttered. Toshiko took the brown and tan ears and placed them on her head.

�Well?� the artist asked. The tomboy put up her hand to stop her as she looked in the mirror. Surprisingly, a smirk came onto her face. Hey, this could work, she thought. The ears could look a little scary on her head.

VI: Sexy Cats:

Then there are sexy cats. Emily plays with this down to the tee. She knew the perfect man to exercise today on. The heiress kissed Simon on the lips on the roof of the club. The man tried to push her away. Emily looked at him with a little pout.

�What�s wrong, baby?� she asked. Simon shook his head wearing dark blue cat ears.

�I can�t do this anymore,� he said. Emily gave him an odd look.

�What do you mean?� she asked.

�I�m with Nia��


Simon lowered his eyes. �What we are doing is wrong.�

Emily moved his face to hers. �That�s what makes it more fun.�


The red cat ears on Emily�s head seemed to give her an extra power over him as she planted another kiss on his lips. Her secret lover folded before he had the chance to figure out what she was plotting.

Once again, they would go back to a private love hotel to end the night.

VII: Wild Cats:

Then there are wild cats. Candy Floss takes this trait and parties with it. She straightened up her blonde cat ears and fixed her make-up. She whipped around from the mirror.

�How do I look?� she asked Andy. The master himself had on silver cat ears.

�Hot,� he answered.

�Roar!� Candy growled in a flirty tone. Andy held out his arm.

�Shall we go, kitty?� he asked.

�Hell yes!� Candy shouted. She took his arm and they headed out on the town for a wild night of partying for the festival.

�Make me hot tonight,� she commanded.

�Yes ma�am,� Andy replied. Candy licked the master on the cheek and laughed loud enough to drown out the night. Does Andy really care? There is some high doubt to that question.

VIII: Calling All Cats:

Cute cats, feisty cats, sassy cats, fierce cats, sexy cats, and wild cats. What does it matter? Hey, we are all just partying here.

Black Cats