Chapter Eighteen: Lactaphilia:

March 2nd, 2010.

3:57 p.m.

Anna stood before a mirror in her kimono. The white and pink looked great on her. She could be on the cover of a bridal magazine. The maid did a splendid job with the transformation. She didn't usually wear make-up, but today it worked. Anna blinked many times. Is that� me? Even the jewelry Tsuzuki bought her yesterday looked elegant. Wow� She heard a knock on the door. Anna turned to see the maid stood in the doorway.

"Miss," she said. "It's time."

"I'll be right there," she said. The maid walked out the door. Anna turned back to the mirror and looked at the back side.

"Right," the bride said before she left the room.


April 7th, 2010.

10:00 p.m.

Anna stared at her phone. Tsuzuki called moments earlier. They talked about how their day went. Thirty minutes didn't work. She wanted to taste him. She missed him between her legs. Anna moved her hand to her panties at that last thought and closed her eyes. Asato-kun�

"Oh, am I interrupting anything?" she heard someone ask. Anna jerked her head upwards to see Lucy standing over her, smirking.

"What the hell?" she asked. "Don't do that!" Lucy laughed as Anna frowned at her.

"Why are you here?" the latter asked. The goth woman sat next to her on the futon.

"I'm here to check on you and all that good stuff," she said.


"I was asked to."

"By who?"


Anna rolled her eyes, sighing. "Figures."

Lucy gave her a look up fake pity. "No sex for a month, huh?" Her "friend" flopped back on the futon. Lucy looked at her lap.

"Damn," she said.

"Yep," Anna said. She looked at her phone, sighing. "He called, but it's not enough and we've been married for only a month too."

"Oh," Lucy said. Anna closed her eyes. Of all the people to show up here�

"And he's in Kabukicho too?" Lucy asked.

"Yes�" the wife said.

"Oh boy�"

Anna stared at her. "He's not like that!"

"I know, but still�"

"He just calls me."

"Not the same thing, is it?" the goth asked. Anna drew her mouth and lowered her head. Lucy snickered at her. The other woman shoved her down.

"Shut up!" she blurted out. Lucy made a face at her.

"So, it is true!"

Anna turned away. "Maybe!" The goth woman patted her on the back.

"Aww, come on," she said. "If it's that bad, then why not go see him?"

Anna gave her a wide-eyed expression. "What?"

Lucy shrugged. "Why not? Couldn't hurt, right?"


"But what?"

Anna struggled for the right-sounding answer. "It's� it's� it's too late at night."

"So? Go in the morning."


"But what?" Lucy gave her a naughty grin. She grabbed Anna by the shoulders as her �friend� struggled for another excuse.

"Come on," she said. "I'll even go with you." The woman raised an eyebrow.

"Why?" she asked.

"What kind of a question is that?" Lucy asked.

"I have the feeling that you just want an excuse to go to the Red Light District."

"Something like that."

Anna stuck out her tongue at her. "User!"

"Whatever, are we going or not?"

"Do I really have a choice?"

"Was that question necessary?" the other woman asked. Anna didn't comment as Lucy slapped her on the shoulder.

"Sweet!" the goth said.