Chapter Thirteen: Lady Devils:

January 3rd, 1987.

She had plotted this for years now. The �innocents� in Hell, as she called them, had suffered too long. Homosexuals, suicide victims, benign non-Christian worshippers, people who fell in love with the wrong people, and the non-baptized didn�t deserve to be in Hell in her eyes. They only ended up there through the corruption of the judgment system. Certain souls were put in Hell through the bribery of the living in Chijou. Plus, Lucifer was a douche bag, all the more reason to start a revolution in Hell. It would be rough, but she made a promise before she came back to Hell.

She looked around at her troops. All of the innocents were here, now to begin the revolt.

�My brothers and sisters!� she announced, �Today is the day we fight for our freedom and overthrow that evil bastards holding us hostage here! We shall never back down! Give it your all and remember why we are fighting today!�

�Yeah!� the innocents yelled.

�Fight!� she screamed.

�Yeah!� they yelled. At sundown, the blood-soaked revolution began with an ambush. The innocents cornered their corrupt captors on all sides. Too bad it didn�t play in their favor. Lucifer and his forces overpowered the innocents. She and her three other top officers were exiled to the Chijou. Some of the innocent army was executed while the others hid in fear.

Despite the blood-filled disaster on her hands, she is still plotting for a revolt in Hell, even when living among the humans.

May 20th, 2009.

Anna and Tsuzuki went downtown early the next morning. The woman needed a few things; she even had a list armed with her. Tsuzuki came along to keep watch over her.

�So why can�t you use Rihoko�s things along with the things you brought with you to Japan?� he asked out curiosity.

�I�m running low on things in my backpack,� Anna reasoned, �I don�t want to feel like I�m using Rihoko and her daughter anymore than I already am. So I have to get a few things I need for myself. Besides, Rihoko�s breasts are at least an E-cup and so her bras and shirts wouldn�t fit me anyway.�

�Good point,� Tsuzuki said, �So what do you need?� Anna looked at her list.

�Clothes, soap, towels, sheets, meds, diffusers, printer paper, face wash, tea, toiletries, and a gift for Seita,� she read to him.

�Seita?� the Shinigami asked.

�The thief that tried to rob the manor last night,� she said.

�You still have him there?� Tsuzuki asked.

�Yeah,� his female companion replied.

�Why?� her guardian asked with a puzzled look on his face. Anna shrugged at him.

�Felt like it. I have observed him; he�s just a kid who lost his way. So he�s my little project to help reform him while I still have time,� she said.

�How?� the Shinigami asked.

�Showing him love and care,� the woman replied, �Judging by what told me, Seita has never really known love. I�m going to give it to him and I won�t quit on him either. I�m going to keep trying until I get through!�

�Can you even trust him?� Tsuzuki asked, �How can you be sure he won�t run off?�

�I asked Yoko-chan to keep watch over my little pal while we were out and Rihoko was studying for an exam. Plus�� Anna answered. She reached into the shoulder bag she borrowed from the Todai student and pulled out Seita�s muddy sneakers. The Shinigami looked stunned.

�You took his shoes?� he asked.

�Yep,� Anna said, �Can�t get far without these, now can he? Plus, he can�t phone the police and tell them what�s going on without incriminating himself.�

�You�ve thought this through, haven�t you?� the Shinigami asked. He gal pal nodded.

�Have to for my project,� she said. Tsuzuki nodded. Anna was proving to be a complex woman. She made him want to learn more about her feverishly.

The shopping began and Anna got what she needed almost immediately. She used that name Niwa Midori to make the purchases on her new card. Tsuzuki watched Anna operate. She told him how she would run this whole thing today.

�I worked out how to use the whole Niwa Midori thing,� the woman explained as they came to the first store, �I gave her a little back-story. Midori is twenty-six. She graduated from Todai in 2004 with a Communications major and a Psychology minor. She worked for a small interpreter company, Heiwa, but due to the poor economy, it went under. Midori is also single and lives alone.�

�How is that?� she asked. The Shinigami blinked for a moment.

�Wow!� he said. Anna smiled and nodded.

�Took me a while, but I can do it,� she said confidentially, �It�s like role-playing if you think about it.� Clever woman, this Kimoto Anna was. She put on a show worthy of an Oscar for her part as Niwa Midori. Because of this, shopping went by rather nicely for them both.

�Want lunch?� Anna asked Tsuzuki when they were finished, �My treat.� The Shinigami�s had stars in his eyes.

�Really, you mean it?� he asked.

�You�ve been so good and not complaining today,� she told him, �Any place of your choice.� Tsuzuki grinned as he liked the sound of that one. They went to a small burger place as his choice. Anna paid for lunch as promised. Tsuzuki nearly forget that his was working today as he munched on his burger and fries. Anna watched him with a smile on her face.

�You really like to eat, don�t you?� she asked. The Shinigami glanced up at her while chewing on a teriyaki burger.

�What?� he asked. Anna shook her head at him.

�It�s nothing,� she brushed off.

A few tables over, Emiko, Hotaru, and Mike sat spying on the pair. Emiko had the idea to go out today while Hotaru and Mike were just happy to get out of the house. The trio had been following them all day. They took notes of Tsuzuki and Anna�s every move.

�Anything yet?� Mike whispered.

�Nope,� Emiko said. He sighed and rolled his eyes.

�What�s wrong?� Hotaru asked.

�That�s what it�s been for the past week,� Mike complained, �Nothing. I say we drop this surveillance now. We aren�t going to get anything by this point.�

�Can�t,� Emiko argued.

�And why not?� the man snapped.

�I�m still not satisfied on trusting her yet,� the leader hissed.

�Oh like your revolution in Hell?� he hissed. Emiko glared and hit him in the face with ringed hand. The American man howled in pain.

�Bitch!� Mike hissed as he rubbed his cheek. Hotaru looked out at Tsuzuki and Anna. Her face went pale as a result.

�Guys,� she whimpered, �They see us!� The other two froze and looked up. Tsuzuki glared at the trio as he tapped Anna on the shoulder. She turned and saw them as well. She even whispered something in the Shinigami�s ear. The trio got nervous as they tried to figure out what to do next.

�What now, Brilliance-san?� Mike asked. Emiko smirked at the odds against her.

�Expose ourselves,� she said. The other two turned to her with jaws dropped.

�What?!?� they asked. Emiko put up her hands in a shrug.

�Not too much, though,� she went on, �We won�t tell them about the surveillance part� Tsuzuki and Anna started walking over to them after she said that.

�They�re coming this way!� Hotaru exclaimed. Emiko straightened up in her chair.

�Just act normal,� she commanded. The pair approached the trio at their table. Emiko looked up with a sharp gleam in her eyes.

�Oh, hi guys,� she said, smiling.

�Have you been following us all of this time?� Tsuzuki asked bluntly. Emiko smirked.

�Yes, we have,� she announced. Okay, Tsuzuki hadn�t expected this; maybe a lie or two, but not the blunt truth.

�Why?� Anna asked. Emiko grinned fox-like at her a gleam appeared in her eye.

�Not here,� she said in a low voice, �Follow us.� Emiko got up from the table and began to leave with Hotaru and Mike following behind. Tsuzuki and Anna looked at each other, uncertain.

�Should we trust them?� Anna asked, �They could be plotting something after all.� The Shinigami himself didn�t really know how to answer.

�Do we have any other choice to find out, right now?� he asked. The woman shook her head.

�Guess not,� she said. They followed behind the trio with their guard up. The five of them came across the street to a local park. Emiko and her roommates stopped near the restrooms.

�Well?� Anna asked. Emiko�s face reminded her of a hungry fox.

�Well guys,� she said. �Should we them or tell them?� The other two grinned at them.

�Show them and then tell them,� Mike answered.

�Oh yeah,� Hotaru agreed. Tsuzuki moved in front of Anna to protect her. The trio shut their eyes and began chanting. A heavy wind blew all around all five of them. A glowing, black fire surrounded Emiko, Hotaru, and Mike. The woman and the Shinigami shielded their eyes from the intensity. Emiko�s teeth flashed into razor sharp fangs as she grinned at them in the fire.

�Why are you looking away?� she asked, �You wanted to know the truth and now here it is!� The flames jumped up to the tops of the trees and flared out into their surroundings.

In thirty seconds, everything settled down. Tsuzuki and Anna looked on in shock. Hotaru and Mike looked like a blackened cross between a rabbit and dragon with claws, fangs, and glowing laser green eyes. Emiko, who looked like a cross between a blackened, muscled dog and a bear with glowing red eyes, stepped forward.

�Yes,� she said with pride in her voice, �We are demons.� Hotaru giggled at the looks on Tsuzuki and Anna�s faces. Her girlfriend showed them her fangs again.

�What�s the matter?� she asked, �You scared of real life demons? Wow! A Shinigami and a Kimoto are scared of us demons! That�s just sad.�

�Can we hurry this up?� Mike asked, �We can�t stay too long in our true forms in Chijou, remember?� Emiko waved him off.

�Fine, fine,� she said, �The show�s over.� She held out her hands to her roommates. Once Hotaru and Mike grabbed on, they chanted a reversion spell. White flames rose from the ground and surrounded the three demons. A breeze blew by them and took the flames. Tsuzuki and Anna saw the trio back in their human forms. Emiko stretched her neck her around.

�Oh!� the butch demon moaned, �Changing into my true form makes my muscles stiff.� She noticed that Tsuzuki stayed close to Anna out of distrust of them. Emiko�s face burned as she clenched her fists.

�Oh, so you hate us because we�re demons, now?� she snapped. Tsuzuki glared at the demon woman.

�Well that�s just peachy!� Emiko snapped. Hotaru rested her hand on her girlfriend�s shoulder.

�Emiko-chan,� she said in a low voice. Her girlfriend squeezed onto her hand.

�You here that?� the butch demon asked, �He hates us because we�re demons! If he hated Hoto-chan and I because we were lesbians, that would be one thing. But, no! He hates us all because we�re demons! A Shinigami who hates us because we are demons from Hell! That�s just bullshit!� Her girlfriend tried to calm her down.

�Emiko-sama,� she whispered.

�And what am I supposed to think?� Tsuzuki asked.

�We�re not evil!� Emiko argued.

�Why should we believe you?� Anna asked. The butch lesbian sighed and rolled her eyes. She wasn�t too proud to say this, but it had come to this point.

�Because,� she admitted like a child caught in the act of doing something naughty, �We were exiled here among the living from Hell.� Tsuzuki and Anna had rather puzzled looks on their faces from that statement.

�Why?� they asked. Emiko sighed as she let go of her girlfriend�s hand.

�Want the long version or the short version?� she asked.

�Short,� everyone in unison said.

�Fine,� she said, �In �87, I decided to overthrow Hell to free some innocent souls. Needless to say, it failed and Mike, Hoto-chan, and I were exiled to Chijou; the end.� The butch demon sneered at her audience.

�There, I told the truth!� Emiko snapped, �Happy now?� Tsuzuki blinked at her with one burning question in his mind.

�Why?� he asked.

�Why what?� Emiko asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

�Why revolt?� the Shinigami questioned, �I mean, what�s the point?� Emiko�s face softened some as she looked down at her feet.

�I made a promise to someone years ago�� she mumbled with her eyes looking away. The demon looked up right away. �That�s all I�m going to say!� she said, �Got it?� Emiko paused for a breath. There, she told the truth; almost all of it. She didn�t know if Anna was innocent or not.