Chapter Ten: Last Dance:

I’m so glad you came. I’m so glad you remembered to see how we're ending our last dance together. Expectant, too punctual, but prettier than ever; I really believe that this time it's forever, but older than me now. More constant, more real and the fur and the mouth and the innocence turned to hair and contentment that hangs in a basement; a woman now standing where once there was only a girl.

I’m so glad you came. I’m so glad you remembered the walking through walls in the heart of December, the blindness of happiness of falling down laughing and I really believed that this time was forever. But Christmas falls late now, flatter and colder, and never as bright as when we used to fall; all this in an instant before I can kiss you, a woman now standing where once there was only a girl.

I’m so glad you came. I’m so glad you remembered to see how we're ending our last dance together. Reluctantly, cautiously, but prettier than ever; I really believe that this time it's forever. But Christmas falls late now, flatter and colder, and never as bright as when we used to fall. And even if we drink, I don't think we would kiss in the way that we did when the woman
was only a girl.

--“Last Dance” by the Cure (1989)

October 31st, 1999.

It rained that night as well when Tsuzuki held a scared Anna in his arms while they sat under the gazebo waiting. The poor girl couldn’t get the image of her father beaten and bloodied body out of her head. Tsuzuki noticed the silent tears streaming down her cheeks and tried to calm her down.

“Do you miss the rain?” he asked out of the blue. The girl looked up at with confused, sorrow-filled eyes. The shinigami realized what he asked and realized it might be too early to try to talk to her.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, “Just trying to lighten things up here.” The girl stared at him and said nothing. Tsuzuki sighed and looked out.

“Okay,” he said, “We can just sit here and stay silent.” Anna turned her attention back to the pouring rain in the pitch blackness. The shinigami sighed as he held her to body.

“Right…” Tsuzuki mumbled. The rain helped Anna calm down as she held onto her kitty charm. Tsuzuki took comfort in seeing this and at midnight, he gave her that now memorable kiss.

July 1st, 2009.

It’s raining in present day and nightfall walked in and took a seat. Anna sat on the couch in the dark living room lost in her mind. That morning kiss kicked up more confused feelings in her heart. Tsuzuki seemed to have begun ripping open the gates to her soul and barely didn’t realize it himself. On one hand, Anna felt exploding inside from that sudden change, but yet it scared her deeply. That glass box didn’t go up in a day and Tsuzuki’s kiss put one hell of a crack in it.

Anna looked down the hall. Rihoko, Yoko-chan, and Seita were already asleep. Tsuzuki came back this evening just like he promised. Yet, Anna couldn’t face him. The kiss was good; no, it was great. Nope, great didn’t do it justice; no words could even measure such a kiss. That’s not the point, however. Anna feared what would happen next. That kiss could lead to more touching… She and him naked under the sheets…

Anna trembled at the thought of him being so close. She took in deep breaths to calm down. “Right…” she mumbled to herself. Anna closed her eyes to clear her head. A memory entered her head. It was on Halloween 1999, after Daisuke’s death and before the kiss. Tsuzuki asked her a question then. What was it? What did he say? Anna concentrated hard for her answer.

Do you miss the rain?

It didn’t mean much at the time. For some reason that she could grasp, it seemed to be helping her calm down. Anna began to remember the shinigami’s warmth. Tsuzuki was so good to her after all. Even after all this time, he still cared about her. Tsuzuki did risk his job to resurrect her after all and he’s been helping her fight her family. Plus, there was that kiss this morning. Anna slowly opened her eyes as an aroused smile slowly spread across her face. She decided to “repay” Tsuzuki for all that he had done. She slowly stood up and walked down the hall. The woman found Tsuzuki sitting at her desk about to make a phone call. He looked up when he heard the door slide closed.

“Anna, are you alright?” he asked. Anna smiled and nodded in the dimly-lit room.

“Uh-hm,” she replied. The woman walked closer over and embraced him from behind. Tsuzuki felt his back break out into a sweat as he glanced behind him.

“Anna?” he asked. Her lips came within inches of his ear.

“You’re right,” she whispered. “I do miss the rain!” The shinigami turned around to ask what she was referring to, but was stopped before he could get the question out when Anna kissed him on the lips. Tsuzuki didn’t have time to grasp what was taking place before him or stop it. Strangely, that kiss drove him to lose control as well. He slowly kissed her back as he pulled her into his arms. Tsuzuki pushed his tongue past her lips plump lips and into her wet mouth. A small shiver jumped up Anna’s spine before she broke down and returned her tongue in the heated kiss.

Tsuzuki playfully pushed her back onto the futon below. Anna trembled as she felt the sheets touch the back of her bare knees. The hungry look in his eyes made her feel like a first time performer on stage. This is just like that time with Henry, she thought. The woman paused and changed her thinking. No, this is different.

Anna felt her fears rising and disappearing like soapy bubbles as Tsuzuki planted another gentle kiss on her lips. This feels so… natural, she thought rather surprised. The heat forming between legs added to her shock. Tsuzuki moved down to her neck with tiny butterfly kisses as his hands clutched onto her breasts. Her taste woke up a rather wild, hungry side within him.

I want more, he thought with his heat swirling in his soul. A gentle whimper escaped from her lips as the kisses changed into tiny nibbles. The sudden shift made her body jump under him. The Shinigami paused and glanced up at her. Seeing her face twisted up in pleasure like this stirred up curious excitement in his heart. It had been so long since he had made love to a woman. The unfolding romance enticed him to keep going. Anna glanced at him with pleading eyes. The shinigami gave her a devilish little smile.

“You want me to keep on?” he offered. He let his fingers gently fondle her breasts as if to persuade her. Anna felt her heart racing with a new rush. Her cheeks colored a baby pink as his fingers massaged both of breasts.

“Yes!” she whispered with a hard breath out.

“Are you sure?” he asked in a husky seductive voice as he didn’t let up with his hands, “I can stop here if you want, but that’s only if you want me too.” His words and tone made her gulp. Anna inched her hand out and gently stroked his cheek.

“No,” she said loudly, “Keep on. I really want this. I want you to.” Tsuzuki kissed her again on the lips and pushed away some of her bangs.

“Okay then,” he whispered at her lips as he took off his tie with one quick movement, “But you have to promise that you’ll be really quiet. You won’t want to wake up Rihoko and the kids, would you?” Anna quickly shook her head as she tried to catch her breath. Tsuzuki smirked as he threw his tie aside.

“Good girl,” he murmured before kissing her on the forehead. His hands glided down to the sides of her short lacy red and white sundress. Despite his sex drive craving this; his mind became trapped in a game of tug-of-war. He was about to disrobe a girl that he meant when she was sixteen. He tried to fight any preserve that he felt towards this notion. His hands began inching the sleeveless outfit upwards on her body. Anna bit her lower lip as she lifted her arms for him to slide it over her head. She barely even heard her dress hit the floor.

Tsuzuki pushed himself upwards for a look at her body for the first time. Sweat formed on his back as he saw her shapely hourglass figure. He feasted his eyes on her small bare shoulders first. Her lacy black bra hid her breasts. They weren’t D-cups exactly; a C close to a D as he guessed before, but they had such a beautiful shape. His eyes took in her flat pale stomach and narrow waistline that led down to her wide hips. Her thick thighs and slender calves completed her Junoesque figure that lied underneath him. Tsuzuki gulped as he shook away the overlapping images of her at age sixteen and her tonight.

When did she become so… nubile like this?, he thought. He felt the effects of his arousal make yearn to strip down and take her. Anna herself felt her body lost between fear and pleasure. Tsuzuki crossed into untouched landscapes. She felt so exposed in her only her bra and panties. Unable to handle such surprising beauty, the shinigami knelt down and pressed another kiss on her lips. Anna prepared to make herself relax to help her enjoy her first sexual experience. To her surprise, she found herself getting into it without even trying.

She reached up and gently unbuttoned Tsuzuki’s white shirt, one button at a time. He started breathed harder as chills rolled up and down his back. He did everything in his power to stay still long as her ran along his tone-muscled arms and torso. His shirt joined her dress in a few seconds. Tsuzuki let her hands roam through her auburn hair. His fingers found the black band holding her ponytail in place and pulled it out smoothly. Anna’s hair gracefully fell loose to her shoulders. Tsuzuki kissed and nipped on her neck and shoulders. Anna gasped and shut her eyes as she felt herself getting so hot between her legs that her underwear started to get wet.

Her hands glided down to his waist. Anna looked Tsuzuki in the eye as she began unfastening his belt. The woman paused as if to get permission to strip off his trousers. Tsuzuki grabbed her by the wrists and guided her to finish with such a feverish rush. Startled at the gesture, she slid down her slender, toned legs. She didn’t pause to strip him of his boxers as her own lust took over her mind, freeing her from any remaining doubts.

Tsuzuki slipped his hands behind her back and found her black lacy bra. She had excited butterflies fluttering in her stomach. Tsuzuki could feel her trembling underneath him as he started with the first hook. The Shinigami leaned down to Anna’s hot ear.

“I’ll take good care of you tonight,” he whispered, “I’ll be really gentle, I promise.” Tsuzuki softly licked her right ear lobe as if to guarantee his words. Anna let off a high-pitched yelp as she shut her eyes again.

“Take me,” she pleaded, “I am yours tonight! Have all of me!” Tsuzuki let his finger tangle within her hair.

“That’s better,” her whispered. The shinigami unhooked her bra one tiny hook at a time. Anna’s toes curled as his fingertips moved down her spine.

“Please don’t tease me,” she whimpered, “I don’t know how much more I can take of this.” Tsuzuki smirked as slid off the bra. The Shinigami slid his hands smoothly down to her hips. He grabbed the sides of Anna’s black and pink lacy panties and slid them off with one yank. His date nervously parted her thick thighs for him. The shinigami held her shoulders and leaned in close to her ear.

“I’ll be gentle tonight,” Tsuzuki assured her.

“Please take me,” Anna pleaded. His lips curved into a devilishly hungry smile at her request.


Nightfall at the House of Lotus Heaven as a young bride stood near the lake looking at the water below. Tonight was her wedding night and the eighteen-year-old girl had just married a young powerful lord. Their families threw them a lavish wedding celebration moments earlier, but yet the bride felt out of place.

Her parents arranged this marriage because they needed to help keep their inn open. The bride never met her new husband prior to this wedding, but she heard many things about him. Some said that he was a powerful demon in a human form. That made her pretty nervous, but she had another reason to worry. The bride didn’t seem to know how to connect with people. Her family was always isolated. The bride never had many friends growing up and her father home-schooled her. She was taught to be proper, but be herself and independent all at the same time. Despite all that she had learned, the bride still couldn’t connect with people. Her parents saw this and tried to alleviate the problem with their daughter.

The bride shuddered as a warm spring night breeze blew over her. She took off most of her wedding accessories because she felt hot tonight. The only thing that she had on was her beautiful white wedding kimono. The bride looked above her and noticed the cherry blossoms in full bloom tonight. Her new husband had many cherry trees in his courtyard. The blossoms looked so pretty.

“Do you like them?” a voice behind her asked. The bride froze as she noticed her husband was speaking to her just inches away from where she stood. She didn’t know how to interact with him alone and decided it would be in their best interest to start now.

“Yes,” she said without turning around, “They are very beautiful.”

“My love, why do you fear me?” he asked.

“My love,” she said as she looked down at her water below, “How can you say that you love me when we just met?”

“I have watched you for years,” he admitted. The bride looked surprised, but didn’t turn around.

“Years?” she asked, “But that’s not possible.”

“It is true,” he said, “I have watched for many years and I have fallen madly in love with you.” The bride didn’t know how to take what she was hearing right now. His words stirred something in her heart, but yet doubt dominated her mind.

“But, I have heard stories,” she said aloud. The glow dimmed with the young lord’s face.

“Stories?” he asked, “What stories?” The bride swallowed bit before speaking. Her mind feared the worst that could come.

“Tell me honestly, are you a demon or not?” she asked with her eyes shut. Her new husband looked at her back nervous. Could he tell her the truth?

“Yes, but I am not evil,” he admitted, “I have been imprisoned on earth since the Meji Era. I have led a lonely and woeful life. I was blessed with my powers and wealth to help me survive over the years. My adoptive family has done the best that they could for me, even after they knew what I was, but it was never enough.” The young demon lord felt a knot form in his throat as he remembered his woeful past. “I saw you at your family’s inn while I was in town years ago,” he confessed, “Since then; I fell in love with you and watched over you. Your parents came to me for marriage and here we are now.” The bride listened to his story in silence. Each word moved her; he sounded so genuine.

“How can I trust your words?” she asked still in her doubt.

“I can’t prove that with words, but give me a chance to prove it to you with love,” he replied.

“Will you be good to me?” his bride asked.

“I will be very good to you,” he promised, “I will be faithful and keep you happy.”

“Will I see your true form?” she asked as her stomach tied up in knots.

“I will take whatever form you like,” he answered. The bride thought about this; he seemed so real. He really did love her, but could she bring herself to do the same? Her new husband could be ugly, possessive, jealous, and abusive, but he seemed like a good man, demon or not. She swallowed hard as she clenched her fists at her side.

“Alright, I will make this marriage work,” she said.

“I thank you my love,” her husband said overjoyed, “Turn around to me; I want to see your face.” The bride slowly complied and surprise washed over her made-up face. The young lord, her new husband, was a handsome young man close to her are, maybe a little older, standing before her. His short black-brown hair and amethyst eyes made her heart flip. He wore only dressed in a light cotton white robe with the moonlight highlighting the inside. The bride’s face turned a bright red.

“Oh wow!” she mouthed softly. The young lord disrobed before her. He embraced his bride and kissed her on the lips. The fresh white lotus blossom she had in her hair earlier became a bright blood red near the water. The young lord stripped off his bride’s kimono and took her in the cool grass. The bride found herself floating away into Aphrodite’s silk sea of swirling pink and red. Her body felt light and naked in his arms. His kisses made her head swim with pink clouds. His body and love made her into a new woman.

The young lord saw both the girl he had watched for many years and the woman she was today in his bride. His mind couldn’t separate the two with each thrust. The beauty and innocence of both spun him into an intoxicated trance. He felt so dirty, but he didn’t care tonight; he truly loved his bride. The wedding kimono now lied in a heap of blood crimson silk in the cool wet spring grass.


Tsuzuki collapsed beside Anna panting. Both lied on her futon, naked in a sea of passionate sweat. Anna looked up and noticed her necklace in the container on her desk. She smiled as pleasant memories filled her head.

“What are you thinking?” Tsuzuki asked looking up. Anna reached over and pulled down her necklace.

“Papa gave this to me on the day he died,” she said as she showed it to her date, “I practically begged him to buy it for me. It was his last present to me.”

“Just like Kirika’s bracelet to him?” the shinigami asked.

“Yes,” she answered as she tried not to feel sad again. Anna grabbed onto Tsuzuki’s hand. The shinigami looked her deep in her desperate greenish-brown eyes.

“Tsuzuki, don’t ever leave me,” she whispered, “Please stay with me.” He gave her a gentle smile.

“Alright,” he said, “But you don’t have to call me by my last name anymore. My name is Asato, A-sa-to. Can you say that?”

“A-sa-to,” Anna said back softly. Tsuzuki pushed away some of her bangs from her face.

“Very good, Anna-chan,” he whispered.

“Mmm…” she murmured as she was drifting off to an afterglow of dreams. The last thing Anna remembered was Tsuzuki covering her with the blanket.