Chapter Thirty: Late Night Love:


I: Awake

I can’t sleep, the excitement hasn’t left yet. We haven’t even blown out the candles. I look over at the bedside table for the clock. Two in the morning? It certainly doesn’t feel like it. I glance at Anna-chan lying next to me holding the sheet over her shoulders. I can’t stop smiling at her. I lean over and kiss her softly on the cheek.

“Good night, dear,” I whisper. I pause when she stirs and rolls onto her back. “Oh, you’re still awake?”

“Of course, my love.”

“Okay… now what?”

“Beats me,” Anna-chan shrugs.

I smile mischievously as I think about the situation at hand.


“Hmmm…Let's see how creative we can get.”


II: Chatter

Feeling a bit clueless, I stare up at the ceiling while thinking out loud: “I guess we can just talk.”

“About what?”

“I don’t know, anything, I suppose.”

I wrack my brain trying to think of something to say and my eyes meet with hers.

“I really love you.”

“I love you too, Asato-kun.”

“But, I really mean it.”

“I know you do.”

She rests her head on his chest, smiles sweetly and sighs.


“I’ve thought of you at times in California.”

“You have?” I look across my pillow with widened eyes.

“Yes, my beloved. I still remember how kind and strong you were so kind the night Papa died.”

“Seeing you so distraught broke my heart. I didn't want to leave you like that. I just wanted to soothe you.”

“You did, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I pull her close, and kiss her on her on the forehead.


III: Summer’s Ending

My smile begins to fade as I think of the waning days of Summer.

“Summer’s ending soon.”

“It is?” Anna furrowed her brow.

“It's almost August.”

“So, we still have a month.”

“True,” I grumble. “But that will be over soon too.”


Anna-chan looks concerned. I can tell that she sees where I’m headed with this.


“So, what do you suggest?” She wonders aloud.

“Well…” I raise my brow, and give a low bawdy chuckle.



“Are you being bad?”

“Probably.” I nod “Yes, definitely being bad.”

Anna casts her eyes down to the floor, and pouts. “Are you going to tell me your plan, then?”

“I’d rather show you, my love. Sorry but, you'll just have to wait and see for yourself.”


I snicker impishly and Anna playfully nudges my shoulder.


IV: Silence

Silence can be good too. Or maybe it's just because it feels like we're running out of things to say in bed. Is that possible? To not be able to speak for long periods of time?

To be honest, just lying here with her is enough for me. I find myself getting lost in her gaze for what seems like hours.

Anna-chan is humming softly and looking at me so sweetly. Sometimes she's so damned adorable.

“What are you thinking about, my love?” she asks.

I shake my head, rubbing her shoulder.

“Nothing,” I say with a sigh. “Nothing at all.”


V: Too Happy

“I don’t want to go to work tomorrow,” I grumble.

“But you have to,”

“I know.” My hand rests on her arm. “I want to stay in with you.”

“You can’t.”

Too late for her to say that, because I’ve already begun planning our stolen day off. “I’ve just this moment decided that we're staying in tomorrow.”

Anna-chan looks up at me. “What?!”

“It’ll just be you and me at home all day.”

“Are you crazy?!”

“Maybe I am.”

“You’ll get in trouble!”

“I know, but don't give a flying damn.”



For some reason, the notion of spending a workday in bed amuses me.


VI: Impulse

My laughter continues as I draw her close and plant a kiss on her beautiful pouty lips. She laughs too, and plays a bit at resisting.  But, when I climb on top of her and reach between us to start stroking her, she realizes how much I really want her. To be inside her.

One moan from her is all it takes, and know I have her. Using my fingertips to pleasure her is amazing. Watching her facial expressions as she comes makes me hunger for her.


Giving my wife such pleasure on a stolen day off makes it all worthwhile. The sheer satisfaction of breaking her into tiny pieces, along with the wet, sticky sound of my fingers inside her as she begs me for more excites me.

I'm going to make her scream my name in curses before we’re done.


Staying at home with my wife is an unexpected treat. Spending the entire day in bed is a feast for my senses.


We deserve this time together. I intend to make every moment count.