Chapter Five: Less Than Ordinary Afterlife:


Ever have one of those where you wonder, �How the fuck did I end up like this?� I�m having one right now.

Let me back up here.

I�m Urahara Kyosuke, age twenty-three and I am the second oldest of five kids. To understand me, I will talk about my family. My older brother is Urahara Sosuke. He�s twenty-nine and we haven�t heard from him in years. We don�t know what happened to him. I hope that he is okay.

The oldest girl, Urahara Mitsuko, age twenty. She basically holds the family together and I can count on her for anything. However, she does have her moments. I�ll get into that later.

My youngest brother is Mamoru. He�s eighteen and just started college. He is really good at tennis and protecting the girls in his life; I would say that he�s like a mix of Sosuke and I.

Finally, there is the baby of the family. Her name is Kimi and she�s sixteen. She�s been spoiled even before our parents died. My family is important to me; they are my strongest motive. I would be lost without them.

Which leads back to today.

July eighth started out normal. Mitsuko and Mamoru already went to work and school respectively. Kimi and I got into a big fight that morning. I don�t remember what it was about. I think I asked her to do something for me and she got mad at me.

�I hate you, brother!� Kimi screamed, �I wish you would just die!� I waved her off and walked out the door. That is the last thing I heard her say.

I worked at Tokyo University as a teaching assistant. I shouldn�t have gotten on the train that morning. There was a maintenance problem on the train that I rode. As a result, I ended up on a thirty minutes delay.

Oh come on, I remember thinking as I got my coffee, I can�t afford to be late. I looked at my watch. Well, I could make a quick call. I pulled out my phone and dialed Kimi�s cell. I looked at the crowd waiting for the train as the other line rang.

�Come on,� I muttered into the mouthpiece. �Pick up! Please pick up!�

�This is Kimi�s phone,� her voicemail said, �I can�t be reached. Please leave a message and I�ll get back to you. Love ya!� I groaned at the beep.

�Hey Kimi-chan,� I said, �It�s me, Kyosuke. I just wanted to call and say I�m sorry and I hope you have good day. I�m heading out now; I�ll see you this evening. I love you, goodbye.� I sent the message and hung up hoping it smoothed things over. I bought a newspaper and waited for the subway.

About nine o�clock, my train pulled up at the station. I packed up my paper and got on board. My day started to change when the doors closed.

I should�ve known something was wrong when the wheels outside made a horrible screeching noise. Everyone else noticed as well.

�Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please bear with us� the announcer called over loudspeaker. The passengers around me groaned. I couldn�t erase this bad feeling in my gut. I bit my lower lip. I could just get off here wait for the next train�

Suddenly, the train shook as it sped up. I held onto the hanger strap and shut my eyes. I could barely hear my teeth grinding in mouth over the screaming.

�Oh no!� a woman cried.

�We�re all going to die!� another woman yelled.

�I don�t want to die here!� a student cried. Their screams blended together with the screeching steel and grinding wheels. The last thought that entered my mind was of Kimi. The white haze reached towards me.

The giant steel body collided with the wall. Seventy-six people were injured and thirty died in the crash.

I awoke in pitch darkness.