Lily Lovers

    Sunrise the Jasmine Inn. Hunter walks out to the man-made lake just behind the hotel. The only clothes he had on him was a pair of black and orange swim trunks. The weather looks so nice today. Sun high in the sky, close to 90's well into the evening, and all added on with a fresh clean scent to the atmosphere. The sun's rays even enhanced the Irish man's charm in the heated summer day. Hunter took in a deep breath all around him.

    "Wow!" he said.

    "How is it?" Andy asked behind the camera.

    "I'm here," Hunter said. Then, he paused and looked up. Pandora stepped out of her hotel room a few feet down from where he stood only dressed in a white tennis dress. Hunter gave her a low whistle.

    "Wow," he said. "She's a fit lass." He turned to the camera.

    "Should I go for it?" he asked.

    "What do you think?" Andy questioned him back. The Irish man shrugged.

    "Worth a shot," he said. Hunter turned and walked down the mossy bank with Andy following behind. Pandora looked and her cheeks turned bright red. Hunter gave her his famous charming smile.

    "Hey there, lass," he said. Pandora pushed her hair behind her ears as she looked down at her feet.

    "Hi..." she mumbled.

    "Care for a swim?" Hunter asked. Pandora jerked her head at him.

    "Right now?" she asked.

    "Yeah," he said.

    "But... I don't have my swimsuit on and..." she said. Hunter held up his hand.

    "That's okay," he said. Pandora blinked at him, still not getting it.

    "How?" she asked. The Irish man smiled at her and slowly walked into the water. Pandora blushed as she watched him do so. He turned around to her.

    "Come on," he said. "It's okay." Pandora looked on at him still.

    "You sure about that?" she asked.

    "Yeah!" the Irish man said. "Now come on!" Pandora shrugged her shoulders a little bit.

    "Okay," she said. The English gal took baby steps into the beautiful, water lily-filled lake. Hunter licked his lips as the water highlighted her white bra and panties underneath her dress. She floated up to eye level with him.

    "Now what?" she asked. Hunter smirked and kissed her on the lips. Pleasantly surprised, Pandora kissed him back. The couple didn't stop kissing from there. At one point, the Irish man wiggled his tongue into the English girl's mouth. To her surprise, she found herself more than happy to reciprocate the motion. Hunter reached forward to hold her, but stop to enjoy just their lips and tongues touching.

    Andy got the whole action on tape.