Chapter Five: Little Drops:

He knew something is wrong. He's known since last night. No, he's suspected earlier than that. Tsuzuki and Hisoka arrived at Chiba Inu Cram School. Girls between sixteen and eighteen have turned up dead in the bathroom here. Not a single scratch on the bodies; they just looked to have dropped dead in the stall. Only their hearts have been removed. No blood or injuries; just broken glass around them in the stall. It's as if a ghost reached in and took out the heart. Tsuzuki and Hisoka examined the latest crime scene.

Konoe sent them out here this morning. They got the assignment last night. Nothing suspicious turned up during the night classes. Chances were these attacks occurred in the morning. Tsuzuki turned to his partner.

"How many has it been so far?" he asked.

"Six," Hisoka said.

"Ah," the older man replied. He noticed the peaceful expression on Hisoka�s face.

"Did something good happen lately?" Tsuzuki asked.

"No," Hisoka said. "Why do you ask?" His partner shrugged.

"You just looked happier lately," he said. "I was just wondering."

"Not much," Hisoka said. He turned back to inspect the next stall. Now, Tsuzuki was curious.

"Why the morning?" he asked.

"What?" Hisoka asked.

"Why kill in the morning during classes? It seems too risky that way."

"Maybe they like the thrill."

"Ah." Tsuzuki paused when his finger cut across something sharp. "Ow." He looked down to see blood on a glass shard.

"Is something wrong?" he heard Hisoka ask as he looked at the wound. Tsuzuki jerked his head upwards.

"Nothing," he lied. "Apparently, they didn't get all the glass up in here."

"Be careful around here," Hisoka said. Tsuzuki down at his finger. His eyes filled with concern when he noticed that the cut didn't heal quickly like it normally would. This wasn't the first time this has happened. Two days ago, Tsuzuki gave himself a paper cut when he was looking over the "Cupid Killer" case files from last month. He thought it was his imagination when he noticed that he was still bleeding three minutes later. The shinigami didn't understand why, but yet he couldn't ease away one thought that was sparked by Watari the other day. Tsuzuki shook his head. Wait, wait, he thought. I don't have proof of that yet. It would be better to ask and get it over with it.

"Hey Hisoka," the older shinigami spoke up.

"Yes" his partner asked.

"Did we file in that information with that hostess from Kabukicho?"



"Why do ask?"

Tsuzuki shrugged his shoulders. "Just asking." The younger shinigami's hand brushed up against the handle. He froze as the disturbing images flooded his head.

One of the victims entered the stall. She paused when she felt a prickle down her nape. The girl jumped at the sensation and looked around.

"Hello?" she asked. She didn't even get to let out a gasp after that. The victim fell to ground, dead and cold.

Hisoka drew back his hand. He panted as he tried to get his head back together. He only saw one clue of the killer.

"Tsuzuki!" the boy yelled as he flung open the bathroom door. His partner turned and shushed him.

"Did you hear that?" Tsuzuki whispered.

"What?" Hisoka asked. The older shinigami listened as he headed to the door. He opened it a crack and peeked into the hall. Hisoka walked over and took a look. They were greeted by dead silence and no one in sight. Well, no one except for a black-haired figure talking to a man in white. Actually, the man in white did the talking while the creature made an incoherent whimpering noise with each response. Hisoka�s jaw dropped.

The man in white paused and glanced over in their direction. The shinigami took a step back in shock. Muraki smirked at them as the long-haired creature squawked at him. Tsuzuki�s eyes widened as he covered his mouth. No way� The doctor stayed quiet as a couple teachers peeked out of their classrooms in curiosity. The shinigami vanished just in time.