Chapter Thirteen: Living at the Speed of Light:

Aki opened his eyes and looked around.

“Master?” he asked.

“No,” a voice said. The kitsune turned. Hisoka stood inches away. Aki looked surprised at first and then smirked.

“So that was your plan all along,” he said. “Are you going to finish me off?”

Hisoka didn’t answer. Aki shook his head.

“And what of him?” he asked. “Are you going to kill him too?”

No answer.

“Not talking, huh?” the kitsune asked. “Fine by me.” He changed into his human form.

“Much better,” he said. Hisoka watched in silence. Aki frowned.

“Are you really not going to talk?” he asked. “Lame.” The kitsune sighed.

“Oh well,” he said. “Doesn’t matter to me. How long have I done this?” Aki shook his head.

“God, I don’t know,” he said. “I don’t care anymore.” Hisoka studied Aki for himself. The young man’s body looked normal at first. He had on long white robes. His feet didn’t touch the ground. Was it normal for someone, anyone to have eyes that silver?

But, the cracks started to show.

Aki’s skin was literally cracked. Hisoka could see the blood, veins, and bones in his body. The kitsune’s skin looked like powder.

“Does it hurt?” Hisoka asked. Aki about fell backwards.

“Excuse me?” he asked.

“Are you okay?” the shinigami asked. “Does it hurt?” The kitsune smirked.

“Well what do you know? You can talk after all,” he said. “And yeah. It does hurt, but only a little.” The kitsune touched his ribs.

“It’s not over, you know?” he asked. “There are still the elders. They are super pissed. Killing off their children at high rates.” Aki shook his head.

“I pity you all,” he said. “You won’t win.” He sat down on the ground. Hisoka stood watching.

Fifteen more minutes.

Did it have to be that long? Hisoka could feel the creature dying. Aki looked up at him.

“You feel it too, don’t you?” he asked. “You’re empathist, aren’t you?” Hisoka dared not to react. The whole time he kept count. How many minutes left? Aki narrowed his eyes.

“You won’t win this, you know?” he asked. “There’s too many of us to kill Mother knows that. You’re years too late, you know? Why even bother?”

“He loves her,” was all Hisoka would say. Aki smirked.

“Heh,” he said. “Lucky bastard.” The kitsune laid down on the ground. Hisoka still watched him. Aki’s skin was breaking now. Blood seeped through his robes. His fingers were crumbling. The kitsune started laughing. He looked like he would say something, but no sound came out. Aki reached out to touch Hisoka, but stopped. Instead, the kitsune said his final words.

“You will never end this war,” he said. Aki closed his eyes and went limp. Hisoka checked his pulse. The kitsune’s body changed back to its original form. Hisoka looked up at the endless black sky. He closed his eyes. The darkness faded away.

“Hisoka!” someone yelled. The shinigami looked up to see Tsuzuki holding Yasuo by the collar and grinning.