Lotus Girl Playlist

  1. Chapter One: Blossoms: "Mummer's Dance" by Loreena McKennitt
        First Celtic song that I ever fell in love with and it fits the lemon in the first chapter.

  2. Chapter Two: Work Day: "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?" by Moby
        For some reason, I was on a Moby-binge for this book. Can't really say why just yet.

  3. Chapter Three: Skylight: "English Summer Rain" by Placebo
        I just love the image of sex under a skylight that the song just gives off.

  4. Chapter Four: Wandering: "Down Slow" by Moby
        Good song for yoga and relaxing.

  5. Chapter Five: Little Drops: "Evolution Revolution Love" by Tricky
        I have recently developed a taste for Tricky ever since I started to play more trip-hop music on Grooveshark.

  6. Chapter Six: Don't Cry: "At Least We Tried" by Moby
        More Moby for the story.

  7. Chapter Seven: Worrisome: "Extreme Ways" by Moby
        More Moby for the story.

  8. Chapter Eight: Ask Questions: "In This World" by Moby
        Fifth Moby song in the story.

  9. Chapter Nine: Love Should Be: "Love Should" by Moby
        This song fits the romance of this chapter. Plus, more Moby.

  10. Chapter Ten: Heart Blossoms: "Hidden Place" by Bjork
        Bjork just adds onto the sweetness of this chapter with this song.

  11. Chapter Eleven: Tempting: "English Summer Rain (Radio mix)" by Placebo
        I also love this version of this song. The chapter didn't turn out the way I wanted, but I will use the song in a better way in the future.

  12. Chapter Twelve: The Tree's Hymn: "Hymn" by Moby

  13. Chapter Thirteen: Poison: "Wrong" by Depeche Mode
        Again, Depeche Mode makes another appearance in the series.

  14. Chapter Fourteen: Mischief: "It's Oh So Quiet" by Bjork
        Bjork just fits in with Hotaru's mischief in this chapter.

  15. Chapter Fifteen: Offer: "Everything is Wrong" by Moby
        Another shot of Moby for the story.

  16. Chapter Sixteen: Contempt: "Incubus" by Recoil
        The song fits Muraki down to the tee.

  17. Chapter Seventeen: Noose: "Vessel" by Nine Inch Nails
        NIN seems to fit the Eda-Kimoto clan as much as the previous song fits Muraki.

  18. Chapter Eighteen: Flirty Trap: "I Know What Boys Like" by the Waitresses
        Nothing like a little eighties tease for Anzuki, eh?

  19. Chapter Nineteen: Bad News Express: "One of These Mornings" by Moby
        Another Moby song for the story.

  20. Chapter Twenty: Jade Mirror: "More, More, More" by Andrea True Connection
        More sexy music for Anzuki! Yay!

  21. Chapter Twenty-One: Collapse: "Hellbent" by Kenna
        The song just clicks with the chapter. That's all I can say about it.

  22. Chapter Twenty-Two: The Snake's Jaws: "Into the Void" by Nine Inch Nails
        Another NIN song for the darkness that is about to unfold here.

  23. Chapter Twenty-Three: Mind Games: "Useless" by Depeche Mode
        When I heard this song, I just had to use it for this chapter. So, here we are.

  24. Chapter Twenty-Four: Never Let Go: "I'll Be Yours" by Placebo
        This haunting track just works out for this chapter. When I heard it, I just had to use it.

  25. Chapter Twenty-Five: Cherry Monster: "Missing Piece" by Recoil
        This song is the perfect ending to the story. In fact, I had the idea for this song for a long time and look how it turned out.