Louise's Bio
Name: Louise Shannon Wilcox

AKA: Lou, Big Mama, Bitch, Lou-Baby, and Sweet Cheeks

Birthdate: 3/3/67

Age: 35

P.O.B: New Orleans, Louisiana

Species: Kamimortal

Hair: Dark Red

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'3"

Occupation: Writer and barmaid

Love Status: Single with two ex-husbands

Likes: Partying, drinking, flirting, men, Victoria's Secret, Lady Gaga, money, guns, S&M, Grey's Anatomy, hentai, Naughty Little Angel, Jay-Z, Alice Gin, knives, New Orleans, night life, music, Gorillaz, sex, Fiona Apple, basketball, Nelly, collecting voodoo, coffee, smoking, MTV, Basketball and Love, Queen, anime, manga, and cats

Outfit: Jean, white t-shirt, light blue and white sandals, small white pearl earrings, long dark red fingernails, matching toenails, and red lipstick

Truck: Tweet

Animal Chibi: Bear

    A free spirit, Louise isn't afraid to speak her mind. Her mother was a Creole and her father was a Cajun. Descendant of Helen, Louise ate a piece of the maiden's heart in a pomegranate when she was six. Helen took care of her for ninety days. When Louise was fourteen, her parents divorced and she lived with her grandparents. There, Louise did what she wanted and ran wild. At that time, she picked up smoking. Every time her grandparents were away, Lou had wild parties. At those parties, she met Scarlet and they became fast friends. She began drinking at the age of fifteen. Louise had many guy "friends." Her grandparents seemed to do nothing about it. At long last, her mother came and took custody of her daughter.

    Lou's momma was a strict woman. She and her daughter didn't do well at first, but then it got a little better. They talked more often. Louise still wanted to act wild. Her mother let her continue to smoke and drink. The relationship was improving until a wolf came along. At the age of eighteen, Louise met twenty-three year old Daryl Wilcox. It was lust, not love, at first sight. This put up a red flag! Daryl was married at the time, but he just had to have Lou. The girl knew he was married, but Lou was stupid at the time. Even her own mother, tried to warn her that Daryl was a dog. Louise foolishly stayed with him. Soon, Daryl left his wife and married Lou. The marriage was happy at first, but Daryl soon showed his true colors. He began cheating on Louise constantly. At first, Miss Lou put up with it. However after a while, she put her foot down and filed for divorce at the age of twenty-five.

    At the age of twenty-seven Louise met Rex Hill. They instantly married within weeks, but that marriage didn't last long either. Rex cheated on her too. This time Louise wasn't fooled and divorced him on the spot. By then, she decided to stay away from marriage for a while. Louise met Noiz and company while they were on vacation. Now, she works with them. Louise has three cats named Romeo, Juliet, and Venus.