Chapter Thirty-Four: Love with Confusion:

Hotaru couldn�t focus anymore. That woman in the park invaded her thoughts. She wanted to know more about her. However, the loli demon resolved to keep her distance for the time being. By day four, she found it to be no use. Hotaru huddled up into a ball in her bed and squealed in frustration.

�Damn it,� she murmured to herself. Hotaru sat up in bed and frowned. This isn�t working, she thought. The loli got out of bed and headed down the hall. �Mike,� she said as she knocked on his door. �Can you come out for a sec? I need to talk.� She backed up when the door creaked open. Mike rubbed his eyes as he yawned.

�What is it?� he mumbled. Hotaru gave him a worried look.

�I need your help with something personal,� she complained. Mike blinked at her puzzled.

�Wha?� he asked. Hotaru bit on her lower lip.

�I need your help,� she confessed. Mike wasn�t sure where this was going.

�Okay�� he murmured. �What�s the problem?�

�Can I come in first?� Hotaru asked.

�Sure,� her roommate answered. He moved aside to let Hotaru into his room. She took a seat on his bed. Mike narrowed his eyes in the dark at her.

�What�s this about?� he asked. �Why did you have to wake me up?� Hotaru shifted her shoulders for a bit.

�Well,� she mumbled. The loli demon looked down at her lap. �How do I put this?� Mike noticed her cheeks turning bright red.

�Oh?� he asked. The loli demon jerked her head upwards.

�What?� she asked.

�Tell me,� Mike spoke up. �Did you fall in love?� Hotaru�s face turned bright red.

�That�s not it!� she yelped. The loli demon glanced away with pink cheeks. �Well, sort of,� she admitted.

�Oh?� Mike asked again. Hotaru bit her lower lip as she nodded. He leaned in close to her face.

�Who is she?� the American man asked. Hotaru�s cheeks puffed up rather annoyed.

�Why do you assume it�s a woman?� she asked. Mike gave him a little shrug.

�Just a guess,� he said. �So, who is she?� Hotaru gave him a rather sheepish look before glancing away. Mike tried not to laugh at her reaction. Hotaru glared at him like the devil.

�What was that for?� she snapped.

�You don�t know anything about her, do you?� he asked. The loli demon hung her head as she shook it.

�I don�t even know if she is straight of not,� she confessed.

�Does it matter?� Mike asked. Hotaru gave him a big blank stare.

�What?� she asked. The American demon gave her a charming smile.

�Why not talk to her?� he asked. Hotaru frantically shook her head blushing.

�I can�t!� she wailed.

�And why not?� her roommate asked.

�I�� Hotaru replied. Mike patted her on the shoulder.

�There, there,� he told her, �Just talk to her. If she�s gay, great; if she�s straight, oh well.� The loli demon stared at him blankly.

�You mean that?� she asked.

�Yes,� Mike said, nodding. �Now can I go back to sleep?� It took Hotaru a minute to understand his question.

�Oh right,� she said. The American demon watched as she walked out of his room. Mike shook his head as he closed his door behind her.