Chapter Nineteen: Love Puppet:

-October 12th, 2011-

Kazue can’t handle it. She’s not equipped to. But this man, boy…

She shook her head.

“Stupid,” the demon muttered to herself. Hotaru looked up.

“Problems?” she asked.

“No,” Kazue lied. She hurried back to her room. She didn’t need to hear her mouth this morning. Kazue rubbed her head behind her door. This got worse by the minute. Now, he had a name.


It didn’t help to run into him again. Funny story about how that happened. Hotaru sent her on some errand.  Kazue rolled her eyes.

“Why do I have to do it?” she complained. “Can’t you do it?”

“I’m tied up at the moment,” Hotaru said. “Please. Just do it. I’ll make it worth your while.” Kazue rolled her eyes.

“Whatever,” she muttered. Kazue frowned as she stood up. She walked to her room, mumbling to herself.

“Lame,” she said. “This is lame!”

“Huh?” Hotaru asked.

“Nothing!” the other demon lied. She disappeared to her room.


“This is stupid,” Kazue muttered to herself. Why was she out here again? Why couldn’t Hotaru do it herself?

“Lame,” she said again. But, she had to get this over with. Kazue began her walk to the store. The temperature dropped again. It would get colder this weekend. Kazue snorted. 7-11 it was then.

She pushed open the glass doors. Not too empty, but not too busy this morning. Perfect. This trip would be easier than she thought. Just go down to the wine section, pick up some cooking wine, and go home. Shouldn’t take too long.

Then, Kazue saw him again. That beautiful man stood in the aisle looking at a bottle of red wine. She thought she heard angels singing. Kazue’s face turned light red. What was he doing?

It got worse when he turned his head.

“Oh, it’s you,” he said. Kazue froze.

“H-H-Hi…” she mumbled. They paused. She couldn’t keep her eyes on him. Why did he have to be so pretty?

“Are you okay?” he asked. Kazue’s face turned redder.

“I… I…” she said. What was she doing? Why was she acting like a shy schoolgirl?

“I’m fine!” Kazue shouted. It should’ve stopped there.

“Hey!” Kazue spoke up. “Uh…”  The beautiful raised his eyebrow.

“Yeah?” he asked. Kazue’s mind blanked out. Why didn’t she just turn around and walk away? It would make more sense. It would be more of her.

“Excuse me… uh… What is your name?” Kazue finally asked. Too late to run out now. The beautiful man smiled.

“Sota,” he said. “Ito Sota. Are you sure?” She lowered her eyes.

“Kazue,” she muttered.

“What?” Sota asked.

“Kazue,” she repeated. “My name is Kazue.” His smile shot a hole through her heart. Why? Why was this happening? Her heart pounded against her chest.

“Hey,” Sota spoke. She looked up.

“Are you free this weekend?” he asked. Her eyes widened.

“Why?” she asked.

“I want to get to know you,” he said. “Is… that okay?”

“Yes!” Kazue yelped. “I mean… Yeah. Sure, whatever.”

“Great,” the beautiful man said. “Let’s meet up for coffee. I know a really good place. I think you would like it.”

“Sure, sure,” she said. What the hell was this? Before she knew it, she had his number.

“Oh…” Kazue said once he was gone.

That all happened yesterday. Kazue looked at the number on her phone. Surely she wasn’t going to call Sota, would she? Surely not.

Kozue’s finger lingered over the keys.