Chapter Seven: Lucy:

March 12th, 1983.

Kato showed Daisuke around the quiet village the next morning. The eighteen-year-old held eleven-day old Anna close to his chest as she slept. Kato wondered about his new guest. What�s a high school boy doing all the way out here in the sticks with a baby? Daisuke seemed like a teenage runaway. Kato wanted to ask, but decided not to.

He�ll talk when he�s ready, Kato resolved as he watched the young man change his daughter�s diaper just an hour ago. Daisuke and his baby stayed quiet for the entire tour around the neighborhood and fields as he observed everything. The men came back to Kato�s house by noon. The man turned to the boy with the baby in his arms.

�So,� Kato summed up, �What do you think?� Daisuke pondered everything that he had learned just hours before.

�No one comes looking for anyone here?� he asked with his eyes narrowed.

�Yes,� Kato answered, �The city police don�t even bother us here.� The boy raised an eyebrow at him.

�So you house criminals here?� he asked.

�No,� the old man said, �Rarely any persons your age or younger come here.�

�Why is that?� the young asked, now intrigued.

�The village is pretty hard to find most of the time. Only when found on accident do we old timers get any young people like you here,� the older man explained. Daisuke nodded as he prepared to ask him the big question.

�And this village is all on consummated ground?� he asked.

�Yes, the main priest has blesses this village himself every year,� Kato answered with confidence in his voice. The boy began to smile after he had all the facts that he needed.

�Great,� he said, �We�ll stay.�

May 8th, 2009.

Anna and Tsuzuki made it outside of the police station. They found Hisoka waiting for them at the glass doors. He took one look at Anna and frowned. The boy, along with Tatsumi, Watari, the Gushoshin twins, and Chief Konoe, wasn�t too keen on having Anna alive again given the circumstances that arose with this case.

She�s here?, Hisoka thought, She should be dead now! He kept this to himself due to more important matters were at hand. Anna and Tsuzuki joined him.

�Yo!� the older Shinigami greeted him with a wave.

�Alright,� his partner spoke up. �Tsuzuki and I will go inside and find about your friends. You stay here out of sight.� Anna looked at him with a blank look on her face.

�Why?� she asked. Hisoka glared at her.

�You�re supposed to be dead, remember?� he hissed.

�Oh right�� the woman mumbled. A sweat drop formed on her head at that little reminded tidbit. Tsuzuki lightly patted the boy on the shoulder.

�Calm down, Hisoka,� he said, �She just asked a little question.� Hisoka looked up at him with irritation in his eyes.

�She should be dead now! When are you taking the stone out of her?� his icy glare seemed to ask. Tsuzuki looked at him with a cheesy grin on his face. He didn�t really want to do that and something in him wouldn�t let him. The Shinigami couldn�t piece together the reason just yet. Pulling out the Hell Stone would be so easy. Just reach into her heart and take it out; problem solved. However, Tsuzuki just couldn�t do that.

Anna saw the look in Hisoka�s eyes. She could tell he didn�t want her alive. He didn�t need to say it out loud. Anna would let that get her down. Hisoka would have to deal with her being alive for the time being. Once the tension died down, the boys turned back to Anna.

�Do you understand?� Hisoka asked. The woman nodded as she forced herself to smile.

�Good,� the boy responded. He turned to his partner.

�Ready to go?� Hisoka asked.

�Yes,� Tsuzuki answered. The boys walked into the police station. Anna hid out of sight around a darkened corner from surveillance cameras and waited. The Shinigami came back out ten minutes later. The woman peeked from around her corner when she heard footsteps coming towards her. She stepped out of hiding when she saw them.

�Well?� she asked in anticipation.

�They were here,� Tsuzuki answered rather grimace, �But your friends left after the police brushed them off with the promise of looking into your case again.� Anna�s face slowly dropped.

�Left? Where did they go?� she asked.

�Shiba Park Hotel,� Hisoka answered. The woman pressed her lips together as she tried to stomach all of this.

�Alright,� she said, �Let�s go there.� The three of them got close and flew off. The three of them arrived outside of the Shiba Park Hotel. All of the lights on in the heavy spring night competed with the other lights in the city. The building itself looked nice like one of the lavish hotels on the travel channel. Anna had a pretty good idea of who was footing the bill with her group of friends. Clare always had the money to travel and stay on top-rate places like this, she thought, narrowing her eyes.

�Okay,� she spoke up. �Let�s go in.�

�How do we find your friends?� Tsuzuki asked.

�My best guess is to find the fanciest room in the whole place,� Anna suggested, �One of them is really rich and only goes for the best when she�s traveling.�

�Right,� the Shinigami partners agreed. Tsuzuki held onto Anna as the three of them teleported inside. The group decided to scatter out and look for Anna�s Californian friends on the seventh floor. So far, they hadn�t run into any Americans at all. Tsuzuki walked down the hall looking. Suddenly, he felt someone playfully covering his eyes from behind. The Shinigami stopped in his tracks and sighed out loud in discomfort.

�What is it now, Lucy?� he asked. The hands slowly lifted from his amethyst eyes. Tsuzuki turned and there stood Lucy Fisher. The Goth woman gave him a huge grin. The Shinigami forced himself to smile. Lucy acted worse than any prostitute in Japan. S&M was her best friend in the bedroom. Ask any man in Japan, they would agree. Lucy had the body and looks to match. Her various flings found themselves drawn in with her wide hips, flat stomach, tone legs, round, tight ass, small waist, and big, shapely breasts. One thing no one could forget about her was Lucy adored all things Goth. She looked like a vampire hooker with her black and red sexy attire. Her heels and mails added to her dark charms. Lucy even dyed her hair a cold black right after she broke up with her first boyfriend. However, sex wasn�t the only thing on her mind. Lucy drank worse than Tsuzuki and Watari combined. Plus, she out-smoked a chimney. So much of this wild behavior made even the most laid-back nervous.

�Hey!� Lucy said smirking like a hungry cat.

�Hi Lucy�� he said with a sweat drop on his head. Of all the people to run into tonight�

�What are you doing out here tonight?� Tsuzuki asked. Lucy looked at him with her blood red eyes.

�I could ask you the same thing, sexy!� she remarked. Panic bells went off in Tsuzuki�s mind. He didn�t enjoy dealing with Lucy whenever they crossed paths on cases. She tried to seduce him whenever she had the chance. Tsuzuki lost count of all the times she tried to stick her hands down his trousers, whisper her naughty fantasies in his ear, and ram her tongue down his throat. That woman never took a hint that he wasn�t interested in her. However in the end, Tsuzuki considered her to be the lesser of two evils. Lucy may be worse than Muraki and Hakushaku, yet she was really a good person after it was said and done.

�I�m working right now,� he said. Lucy�s eyes lit up in curiosity.

�A murder?� she asked.

�Well� yeah, sort of,� he said in a rushed tone.

�Sweet,� Lucy said, showing him her pearly white teeth. She hugged him tight around the waist. Tsuzuki really panicked as those familiar hands of her made their way down his trousers to his member.

Oh shit!, he thought as he looked for any means of escape, What do I do now? Lucy looked up at him with fake sweetness.

�I was on a date here earlier,� she told him. �He�s gone out to get us something to eat.�

�That�s nice�� the Shinigami mumbled. He slowly looked up at the hall ceiling. He wished for some help soon.

�Tsuzuki?� a female�s voice asked. He and Lucy both looked up. Anna and Hisoka raced towards them. Lucy took one look at the living host and gave her a fixed stare.

�We found my friends,� the Japanese-American woman announced as she and Hisoka got closer to them. �They are in room 7�� She went quiet when she and Hisoka saw Tsuzuki with Lucy. The Goth slut turned to the Shinigami.

�And who�s this?� she asked, almost hissing at him. Tsuzuki felt his back break out into a cold sweat.

�This is Anna�� he said. The other woman stared at them. Lucy thought of a good string of cuss words to hurl at her. She looked at Anna coldly.

�Uh-huh!� she snapped. Lucy let go of Tsuzuki and disappeared down the hall. The trio looked on at the slutty Goth.

�Who was that?� Anna asked. Both boys didn�t answer.

Later, things wound down some. Tsuzuki went to the bar to clear his head. This just keeps getting worse and worse. Maybe, he should pull out now. Take the stone from Anna�s soul and end it all. Tsuzuki lowered his head.

��What�s wrong with me?, he thought. Why can�t I just end this mess right now? His mind went back to Anna. Her existence made it all confusing for him. The Shinigami found himself frustrated by her, but nevertheless happy to see her again after so long.

Suddenly, he noticed someone next to him at the bar. Tsuzuki looked up and saw Kato again. Agitation woke itself back up. The other man looked and saw his �friend.�

�Oh Tsuzuki-san,� Kato said with a smirk, �We can�t seem to stop running into each other. You better be careful or you�ll give the impression that you�re stalking me. I hate to say it, but I�m not ready to die yet!� Tsuzuki frowned at him.

�What do you want now?� he questioned. Kato ordered some sake and took a drink. He turned to the Shinigami.

�I showed that same boy who brought Anna-chan to my house around my old village,� he said as if remembering the good old days with one of his friends.

�Cut the crap,� Tsuzuki hissed. Kato gave him a little shrug.

�You prefer for me to use his name?� he asked. �Alright then, I showed Daisuke around my old village. He and the baby stayed quiet the entire time.� Kato took another drink.

�I wondered about Daisuke,� he said. �What was an eighteen-year-old high school boy with a baby doing in a village of the elderly? I assumed he was a runaway. I didn�t ask; figured he would tell me when he was ready.�

�Why not call the police on him?� Tsuzuki questioned. Kato told another drink before setting down his bottle.

�No one reported him missing,� the older man answered, �And we didn�t want any trouble at my village, so I let him stay with no questions asked.� He finished his sake and set the bottle down on the bar.

�Strange thing was,� Kato finished, �This boy, Daisuke, asked if no one would find him there. I told him no. He also asked if the village was on consummated ground. Wonder why.� Tsuzuki looked on interested.

�He was escaping from his family?� he suggested.

�Maybe,� Kato said. The Shinigami stared at him with an eyebrow raised.

What�s with this guy?, he thought as Kato ordered another drink.

Meanwhile, Hisoka followed Lucy to her room. He wondered why she pulled him away in such a rush. The boy could sense she was pissed; he didn�t need empathy to figure that one out. She always grinned in anger, lust, and mischief. Right now she was pretty pissed off.

They came into her room. Hisoka looked around as the red light about blinked him. Tonight, the room looked like an S&M parlor. Hisoka didn�t want to know what Lucy and her date were up to earlier on.

�I don�t get it,� he said. �Why did you drag me in here?� Lucy grinned as she walked over to the nightstand. She pulled open the drawer and reached inside. Lucy pulled out a pack of cigarettes and drew out a fresh one. She put it in her mouth and lit up. Her real mood began to surface.

�Five fucking years,� Lucy complained, �Five fucking years! For five years, I have tried to get that man�s attention. I got nothing! Then Barbie comes along. She does in one day that I have been trying to do for five fucking years!� Hisoka looked confused at first until it hit him. He tried to keep from laughing.

�You think Tsuzuki and Anna are�� he said.

�Yeah!� Lucy said. Hisoka didn�t say a word. She would never listen anyway. Let her figure it out for herself. Lucy may be a slut, but she sure wasn�t stupid.