Chapter Sixteen: Lucy the Queen:

Hotaru’s doorbell rang.

“Mike, can you get that for me?” Hotaru asked. The American demon rolled his eyes.

“Yeah,” yeah,” he said. Mike walked over to the door.

“Who is it?” he asked.

“It’s me,” Lucy said. “We’re here from the party.” The American man opened the door.

“Yo,” Lucy said, waving. She was dressed in her usual black leather. Corset and fishnets. The high-heeled boots were no surprise. She held Jared by his leash.

“Hello,” Mike said in a flat tone. Lucy held up the silver chain leash.

“This is my bitch,” she said. Lucy looked over at her husband. “Say hi, Jared.”

“Woof!” Jared said. Mike frowned and moved aside. Lucy and Jared walked inside. Mike rolled his eyes and closed the door behind them.


Lucy smirked to herself. Halloween was the perfect time to rock her SM looks. Everyone looked up at her and her husband. Rihoko gasped, covering her mouth.

“Lucy-san!” she said. The kinky woman smiled and held out her hands.

“Surprised?” she asked. “This is my night.”

“Woof!” Jared said. Rihoko’s face looked bright red at the leather miniskirt and fishnets.

“What?” Lucy asked. The young woman shook her head. Lucy gave her a little pout of sympathy. She turned to Tai and Lenard.

“Hey, guys,” she said.

“Hi,” Tai said. Lenard kind of waved.

“Cool vest,” Lucy said. “Aladdin?”

“Pirate,” Lenard said.

“Ah,” she said. “Cool.” Tai nudged him, smiling.

“Lucy!” Hotaru said with her arms out.

“No hugs!” Lucy said. The loli demon lowered her arms.

“The old S&M look, huh?” she asked.

“Fuck yeah,” the guest said. “Halloween is the best time to do it up!”

“Woof!” Jared said. “Woof! Woof! Woof!” Lucy patted him on the head. Rihoko had an odd look on her face. Tai and Lenard didn’t speak. The whole time Kazue sat across the room. She sneered at everyone in costumes. Why was she even here? Kazue hated parties. She didn’t like to socialize at all. Why did Hotaru say that she had to come to this party? Kazue would rather be asleep in her bed. She frowned over her drink.

“Who else is coming?” Rihoko asked. Hotaru took a moment to think.

“My boyfriend and girlfriend,” she said. “Some people who might show up. Oh and Sota-san.” Kazue looked up when she heard that last name.

“What?” she asked. Hotaru grinned like a wild fox. It didn’t help that she tried not to giggle.