Margaret's Bio

Name: Margaret Ruth Boney

AKA: Maggie and mama

Birthdate: 3/3/73

Age: 29

P.O.B.: Montgomery, Alabama

Species: Kamimortal

Occupation: Land Lady and writer

Hair: Red

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 6'0"

Love Status: Married

Likes: Writing kids books, Alabama, blues, jazz, rock, anime, manga, Grey's Anatomy, Victoria's Secret, pulling pranks, Chinese food, politics, ramune, Flobots, her husband, CSI, Gorillaz, Beastie Boys, Silence of the Lambs, internet, computers, Blue October, dogs, CSI: NY, drinking, popsicles, clubs, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Queens of the Stone Age, and reading

Outfit: Blue t-shirt, white jean shorts, brown leather sandals, and gold-framed glasses

Van: Greyhound

Animal Chibi: Horse

    Mischievous yet innocent looking, Margaret instantly charms the people she meets. Growing up, she was just a little country girl. Margaret lived with her parents, older brother, and three younger sisters. She was somewhat of a good girl. The girl had a free-spirited and liberal background. Her parents and older brother all went to college and graduated with honors. All three pushed the girls to think for themselves and grow academically.

    A descendant of Helen, Margaret's mother ate a piece of the late maiden's heart in a piece of steak. So, Helen nursed the baby while her mother was sick. Margaret developed a knack for dealing with children. Originally, she wanted to be a teacher to grade school children. Her brother helped her by getting her volunteering jobs at the local children's library. All throughout high school, she worked with after school programs for children to help build up her resume.

    After high school, Margaret went to college in Texas. During her junior year, she met her future husband, Art, at the age of twenty and dated him. Two years later, they got married. Before all of that, she had to tangle with his grandmother. She was a liberal and the grandmother was a conservative. The old lady saw the woman as a threat to how she wanted her grandson to grow up. The two women tangled for years until the grandmother fell down the stairs and injured to her hip and leg. Margaret and Art ended up putting her in a nursing home. The couple do not live together because of their jobs, but they make their marriage work with everything they have. Margaret signed up for Tokyo-Zion and got a job there. The "TZA Wives" club was her idea in fact. She has a dog named Siegel.