Chapter ten: Martyr:

“Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage. And I still believe that I cannot be saved.”

-Smashing Pumpkins “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”


“Takeru!” someone yelled as they shook him awake. The boy awoke in fear to see his mother leaning over him. He gasped wildly. “Takeru.” his mother said. “It’s okay. I’m here to take you home.” The boy eased up. “Momma…” he said. Nancy was relieved. “Hai.” she said. “Hai, it’s me!” “Momma…” Takeru said again. Then he broke down in tears. His mother held him tightly.

Nancy drove her trembling son home. Takeru’s eyes were blank with sorrow. Nancy felt his sadness with full passion.

In the ban, Nancy bathed, dressed, and tucked Takeru in bed like a little boy.  “Don’t leave me!” he pleaded in bed. His mother complied until the boy fell asleep. “Sweet dreams.” Nancy whispered. Then she kissed him on the forehead and quietly walked away. But the dreams that came were anything but sweet.


*Nightmare Starts*

Takeru was walking back to his mistress’ room with a huge bucket of ice cream when he saw a hikari. Like a fly to the bug zapper, the boy walked to it. The hikari was from a candle in the window. Takeru managed to get a good view without being seen.

Another guard was in the room. He looked to be in his early-twenties and very attractive. But he had a brutal way about him. The guard was with something or someone. Takeru looked further and had his answer.

A young lovely girl who looked about sixteen years of age sat there in fear. She was dressed in a rose-colored kimono and a wine aka obi. “This doesn’t look good!” Takeru thought. But he watched on.

The guard reached for the girl. She tried to escape but it was useless. “Come here!” he yelled as he grabbed her and pushed her down, pinning her. “Come here!!!” “Iieeeee!!!” the girl cried. “Iie! Iie! Iie!” The guard smacked her in the mouth hard. The girl whimpered. “Shut up!!!” he yelled. She complied.

Then the guard ripped her kimono open. Her small round breasts were revealed. The girl tried not to scream. Takeru watched on. The guard began licking at her chest. She grew sick with worry. The guard was enjoying every moment of it!

The girl’s life flashed before her very eyes. But the worse had yet to come. The guard was licking on her bare skin. “Teishi!” the girl wailed. The guard smacked her again. “Shut up!!!” he yelled. The girl complied in fear. Then the guard forcefully spread her legs and went in for the kill. The girl screamed in pain.

After the bitter rape show, the guard pulled out a curved blade. The last thing Takeru saw was blood. The girl lied dead in the warm darkness.


*End of Nightmare*