Max and All His Friends in Hell

And then there are all of my friends. I have been successful with my mission of finding them all, thank you. Some of them I missed them by that much. Like I said before, I have my reasons. Or rather, just made up reasons of why as I went along. It just started out on a whim and I couldn’t stop.

They didn’t seem upset to see me again. But they are wondering about the why. I haven’t been able to tell them until now about why. Mainly because I was trying to figure it out myself. Still, they didn’t complain. I think that they wanted to figure things out just like I did.

I rested my head on the floor.

Now that I think about, I think I pulled us into this mess when I met up with Ben again. Oh, Ben. You have been the good guy. He’s not as crazy as I am, but he sometimes unintentionally starts things. I know this because of that day in our old school in ’92….

I dropped my head and shook it.

Anyway, we all ended up being drawn back to each other through my quest. We seem to have gotten closer than we were when we were kids in Tokyo. We’ve changed, but we haven’t changed at the same time. As I look at all of them—Ben, Julie, Kele, Russell, Gordon, Kris, Lisa, Matt, and Robin—and I feel that I can relax and be myself. I don’t have a good life at home. It’s a long story I still don’t want to get into.

I sighed and rubbed the back of my head.

There I go again. This is about my friends, not my personal problems. I took a deep breath. Right… Where do I start with all of those people? You know what? I’m not going to go back to the beginning. My friends have already have told you the beginning of the story many times. I would just be boring you people with another repeat.

I sat back and looked up at the ceiling. I pursed my lips together and made a face.

I know, I’ll drop us in the middle of the story. That will be perfect. I will start us off right in the middle of the story of my friends and I. Oh and the angels and those children will make appearances in this story just like everyone else has in my pervious stories. This will be different, because it’s not as awkward or panic-inducing as the others were.

I broke into a little smile.

I think I am ready to tell you more stories. Here I go…