Max Meets Natalia and Himeko

Oh man! Where do I begin with this?

Well…  They are the two oldest angels of the house. They are pretty crazy. Really crazy.

I jerked my head around in a panic. After a few seconds, I calmed down again. Why would they be watching me? The town is experiencing a power outage in the town tonight. Everyone was told to stay inside until the power came back on. Why would they hear me talking about them and come off me in this situation? That’s ridicule, right?

I nervously laughed before I cleared my throat.

Anyway, this is how I met Himeko and Natalia for the first time.


About three months ago, I was wandering around on the streets of town. I was bored and didn’t feel like playing video games again. (I really need to come up with something new to do.) I don’t know how many times I walked up and down that road. I just looked down at my feet with my hands stuffed in my shorts pockets.

Up ahead, I noticed a little light as if from the end of a cigarette. I tilted my head, blinking. Huh? Like a moth to the flame, I found myself walking further down the road. I just had to see what that light was. My heart started racing as I started picking up speed. I let my eyes moved towards the left. A cigarette hung out between two plump lips. I didn’t stop running towards the light until a pair of dark eyes landed on me.

I didn’t know where to look. She seemed to have everything from breasts to legs. Her black fishnet stockings were ripped up and her shorts were just as ripped up. This lady’s breasts were about to pop out of her top. Her black and blonde hair was tied back in a messy ponytail. I blinked as I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. However, this woman frowned at me as she took her cigarette out of her mouth.

“Like what you see?” she asked.

“Uh…” was I could say. She snubbed out a cigarette against the telephone pole.

“Sorry, you aren’t my type.”

I stood there trying to figure out what happened as she walked away. Uh… Huh?


Natalia wasn’t so confusing or nice. I found her with my old friend, Russell. He seems to have a thing for her. In fact, he keeps trying to run into her every day. I don’t know what to make of them.

I happened to see them one day in a convenient store. She was trying to walk away from him, but he kept up the best that he could. That woman with the short light brown hair and turn away, frowning only for him to try and follow her. I found myself starting and tilting my head.

Are they playing a game? However, something else caught my attention. Where have I seen that guy before? I stepped closer as I walked him follow her as she went to the left again. The more I stared at the man chasing the woman, the more I tried to place him. High school? Unemployment office? Junior high? All of those answers came back as no. The woman clenched her fists at her sides as she gritted her teeth.

“Look, you idiot!” she shouted. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?”  The man shrugged and shook his head.

“I just want to get to know you better,” he said. The woman rolled her eyes and groaned.

“Why the hell are you such a useless idiot?!”

“Please, Natalia?”

“No!” She turned and started to walk away again, but he tried to keep up. My eyes widened as it donned on me.

“Russell?” I asked aloud. The man and the woman stopped and stared at me. He gave me a strange look.

“How do you know my name?” he asked.

“It’s me,” I said. “Maxxie. We were in grade school together, remember?”

Russell shook his head, confused. “No…”

“I was the monkey boy, remember?”

“Monkey boy?”

“I did the monkey dance, remember?” I held my breath as I waited for a reaction. At last, Russell’s face lit up.

“Max?” he asked.

“Yes!” I said. The whole time, the woman was looking back and forth between us, annoyed and confused.

“What the hell is this?” she asked. Russell turned to her with a smile on his.

“He’s a friend of mine,” he said.

“Hi,” I said as I gave her a small wave. The woman rolled her eyes and frowned.

“Freaks,” she muttered. (At least, that what I think she said. I hope that’s what she said. I hope…) The woman walked away.

“Bye,” Russell said, waving. I turned to him, blinking.

“What’s with her?” I asked. He only shrugged.

“No idea,” he said. Something told me that I would see her again, but I didn’t connect her with Himeko until a later date.