Maze of Tubes

Masayuki opened his eyes. Silence. His eyes shifted around.

What do you see?

“Not much.”

Listen for her heart.

“Huh?” Masayuki turned his head.

Listen for her heart. That’s the only way you can find her.

“And how do I do that?”

Close your eyes and focus. You will hear your heartbeat.

“Okay.” Masayuki closed his eyes. Silence. But his ears vibrated. His formless body started to float upwards. Soft waves filled his ears. His formless body grew warmer. There was nothing at his feet. The waves started to go faster. A soft wind surrounded him.

Masayuki jerked open his eyes.

“There!” He started flying forward. The boy only had the faint heartbeat to guide him. The void didn’t feel like it was crushing him. It felt like something was pulling his non-existent form forward. He should be following the flow. It would be much easier that way.

Don’t lose focus! Keep your concentration on her heart!

Masayuki jerked his head upwards. His body froze against the invisible current. The boy closed his nonexistent eyes. The soft waves washed over his ears. This time, Masayuki focused harder. The sounds slowly faded out. Those waves slowed to a crawl. Everything went still. The boy focused onto the sound deeper.

He yanked open his eyes.


This time, Masayuki felt his being shooting up and going to the right again. Only now, Baby Doll’s heart grew louder. The void disappeared around him. In a flash, he blinked out of the current.