Chapter Eighteen: Metal Kitsune Heart:

The day dragged on as normal. Tsuzuki dreaded going home. He�d have to face her again tonight. He couldn�t wait to be happy at home again. Still, he needed to bring his wife home. Tsuzuki packed up and left Ju-Oh-Cho.

�I�m home,� he said when he made it back to his apartment. However, only the silence greeted him. Tsuzuki�s eyes scanned the room.

�Sweetie?� he whispered. The Shinigami processed down the hall. He came to the open bedroom door. The man peeked inside.

�Dear?� he whispered. �You still awake?� His ears caught a light snicker. Tsuzuki peeked into the room. He found his wife sitting on their futon dressed in a red lacy gown.

�Welcome home,� she greeted him. Despite his eyes going back to her ample bosom, Tsuzuki put on a bold face.

�Is Anna-chan still there?� he asked. The Mother gave him an angelic look.

�Whatever do you mean?� she asked. �Of course I�m still here.�

�You�re not my Anna-chan,� he said. �I want to know if she�s still there or not.� The Mother sneered for a second. Tsuzuki felt tempted to draw out her rage. He slid the door shut behind him.

�Listen,� he said. �I just want my wife back.� His wife put up a classy front.

�Well, I�m here now,� she said. �Deal with it.� Tsuzuki gritted his teeth. Why did she have to have Anna�s face and body? He fought his libido to not devour her. The Mother noticed his face.

�Aw,� she said. �What�s the matter? Conflicted about me?� She chuckled at his problem.

�You poor fool,� the Mother cooed, �You men are the same. You only want me for sex or power.� The kitsune snorted and gritted her teeth. �That bastard locked me away out of fear for his own daughter!� Her lips curved into a smirk as she looked him in the eye. �I don�t understand why that silly girl loved him so much,� she said, �That man�s really a hypocrite. The same is true about you.� Tsuzuki glared at her.

�What did you say?� he asked. The Mother licked her lips.

�Murderer,� she taunted him. �That�s all you are. You and Daisuke are the lowest of the low. Heh, I�m starting to question Anna�s poor taste with the men in her life.� Tsuzuki lunged forward enraged and grabbed her by throat. The wife gave him a twisted smirk as his grip tightened.

�Oh look!� she cried in a strangled voice. �Asato-kun�s murdering his wife!� Tsuzuki let go of her while in a complicated place. The Mother caught her breath and gave him a devilish smile.

�Aw, what�s wrong?� she cooed. �Can�t bring yourself to harm the woman you love?� The kitsune held back a laugh.

�Pathetic,� she said. �Men, you�re all the same, really weak!� Tsuzuki huffed at her and turned away.

�I�m going to bed,� he muttered under his breath. The Mother watched him walk out the door.

�You can�t run away from me!� she shouted. I will make you my toy. You just watch and see. The mighty kitsune licked her hungry lips and laid back on the futon she shared with her husband.