1. British Friends

2. Minor Crew

3. Pals

1. British Friends

Alexandrina's Bio

Name: Alexandrina Lisa Parsons

AKA: Alex and Alli

Birthdate: 5/18/75

Age: 27

    Alex is Noiz's old friend. They met when Noiz first moved to London. They became fast friends. Alex warned her new friend about Stefan. She and Noiz are so close that Alex let Noiz live in her house through their school years together. Alex is still the same as before. She still guards her younger sister like a gem and she is a strong-willed feminist.

Chris's Bio

Name: Chris Matt Bowles

AKA: Bun-Bun

Birthdate: 9/11/84

Age: 18

P.O.B.: Liverpool, England

Occupation: Musician

Hair: Dirt blonde

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'11"

Love Status: Semi-dating

Likes: Kellie, music, guitars, Depeche Mode, Matchbox Twenty, Live, junk food, and girls

Outfit: Baggy blue jeans, black t-shirt, and brown leather sandals

Animal Chibi: Duck

    Chris is Kellie's sort-of boyfriend. He is like Takeo, only worse. Chris is the lead singer of a local band. Kellie hopes he will be famous one day. Other than that, he lives with his band mates in a flat and does nothing. Chris flirts with other girls constantly.

Geoffrey's Bio

Name: Geoffrey Winston Hill

AKA: Geoff and Dreamy

Birthdate: 9/10/75

Age: 27

    Geoffrey is Noiz's former crush. He is a charming Englishman. Geoff helped Noiz get around when she first came to London. Despite how close they became, Noiz and Geoff never really fell in love. Now, Geoffrey is happily married and is happy for Noiz and her new life.

Ben's Bio

AKA: Ben and Benny

Birthdate: 6.30/84

Age: 18

    Ben is another fan of Noizchild's. He hails from London, England. The boy is scared to death of rats. He goes to other girls when he is down. Joy uses Ben to get back at Noiz at times. He is a hopeless romantic. Ben tries to defend and care for Noiz like a knight with a princess. The guy try to toughen him up to stand up strong. Ben is respectful of Naoko. The boy is a bit whiny at times. Ben loves Noiz to pieces. Too bad she doesn't feel the same...

Serena's Bio

Name: Serena Lisa Parsons

AKA: Rini

Birthdate: 4/25/77

Age: 25

    Serena is Alex's younger sister. She is a complete sweetheart and a ditz. Without Noiz or Alex, Serena would be a lost sheep. She is boy-crazy. Stefan likes the girl for she is a baby doll. Despite Alex's warnings, Serena still wants Stefan. She loves Noiz like another sister.

Stefan's Bio

Name: Stefan

AKA: Stef and Pig

Birthdate: 2/29/**

Age: 3,000+ (But looks 27)

    Stefan is proud demon. He lusts after women left and right. Then, Stefan met Alex and Noiz. He kept pursuing them, even though they kept refusing him. Stefan still pursues Noiz and Alex after all of these years. He and Alex seem to like each other closely.

Graham Blake

Age: 28

    Graham is another one of Noiz's Brit friends. He is a comedian and an alcoholic. The man is also gay. Graham was in like with miss Noiz but that didn't last long. He despises gay stereotypes and "queeny gay" types. The guy has a crush on Naoko but respects Noizchild.

2. Minor Crew

Floua's Bio

Name: Floua Olivia Owa

AKA: Flo

Birthdate: 8/2/80

Age: 22

    Floua is a young maid at TZA. She barely knows any English. The guys lust after her hard. Flo is a kind and helping soul. She is hard working and protective over her sick son.

Mina's Bio

Name: Mina Aiko Ono

AKA: Siren

Birthdate: 8/6/76

Age: 26

Likes: Dwight, Red Bull, Victoria's Secret, sex, flirting,

    Mina is the academy nurse. She is a sultry babe. The nurse is a risky flirt. Guys want to sleep with her. Mina fills in the girls on new tricks to try in the bedroom. She may enjoy sex but she has dignity for herself and refuses to be slutty. She believes in one man for one woman. The nurse has eyes for Dwight Cook.

Nobu's Bio

Name: Nobu Jido Kain

AKA: Nazi

Birthdate: 10/10/70

Age: 32

    Nobu is the TZA boys' manager. He was a dictator at first. Why? He had just been through a nasty divorce. So he needed a woman. To get him off their backs, the boys hooked Nobu up with Bianca. They have been together ever since. Nobu is moderate now.

Candace Valentine:

Age: 44

    Candace is the board director of the school distant. She sweeps in on Tokyo-Zion Academy unannounced and stays for weeks for observation. She is a strict woman. The woman knows all of their tricks. But the students and staff get her back sometimes by driving her insane. Candace babies the crew to death.

Dwight Cook:

Age: 18

    Dwight is the "little dog" of the academy. He follows the girls around and tries to woe them with everything he has. Dwight even pops up when the girls go. The girls like him but sometimes they just want to slap the boy around.

3. Pals

Aden's Bio

Name: Li-Wei Kimi Cho

AKA: Aden, Baby Boo, and Li-Mei

Birthdate: 11/2/75

Age: 27

P.O.B.: Kobe, Japan

Species: Kitsune-human

Occupation: Fashion designer

Hair: Black with silver fox ears

Eyes: Caramel

Height: 5'10"

Loves Status: Single

Likes: Sex, clothes, shopping, make-up, people-watching, internet, music, clubbing, parties, lingerie, perfumes, men, and wine

Outfit: Short black and red dragon skirt, a bright pink kimono top that shows her midriff, black fishnet stockings, black and silver four-inch stiletto heels, and small gems in her hair

Car: Malibu Mirage

    Aden is like Noizchild only wilder! She is much braver than Noiz. The kitsune has had many loves in the past.

    Aden had a quiet life growing up. She was an angel at first.

    Then at thirteen, Aden had her first boyfriend. He made her into a woman. Soon, Aden was a wild soul. She drank, partied, and slept with different boys. Aden also developed a taste for fashion and make-up. She was always a stylish girl.

    At twenty-one, Aden met Noizchild. They became close friends. Aden made it her personal mission to make Noiz wild. It never works.

    Today, Aden is a popular fashion designer in Japan. Noiz is her personal model sometimes. Aden has a dog named Choci.

Bianca's Bio

Name: Bianca Elliot Lee

AKA: Sugar

Birthdate: 6/18/81

Age: 21

    Bianca is a stripper. The single TZA boys try to impress her and shower her with gifts. But they all have failed. That was until Nobu showed up. Now, she is in love with the man and he feels the same. Bianca helps the boys (single, dating, and married) with all of their love problems.

Cole's Bio

Name: Cole Jeremy Miller

AKA: Jem

Birthdate: 11/27/90

Age: 12

    Cole is a young runaway. He and his sister had a rough life. Their hometown is in the middle of a civil war. Cole and his sister have been moved from relative to relative. They even witnessed their neighbors get arrested and beaten. Cole and his sister finally fled to the academy and have been there ever since. Cole is very protective over his sister.

Dorian's Bio

Name: Dorian Leslie Miller

AKA: Dori

Birthdate: 5/17/92

Age: 10

    Dorian is Cole's younger sister. She is a witness to everything. She knows about the supernatural too well. So well that she is a target for murder plots. Dori is sweet to the core.

Samelanine's Bio

Name: Ocha Samelanine Wo

AKA: Melanine and Mel

Birthdate: 2/1/74

Age: 28

Hair: Dark Red

Eyes: Brown

    Samelanine is Weasel's wife. She came from a rich family. Her father owned prize fighters. Samelanine thought nothing of his job at first. But then she met Weasel and they fell in love. Soon the couple eloped. Samelanine's father was furious. He even sent a hit-man after her. The couple lived in fear for years. They tried to make ends meet. Life is easier for Weasel and Samelanine now.

Snowden's Bio

Name: Snowden Hunk Owa

AKA: Snowy and Snow

Birthdate: 9/17/84

Age: 18

    Snowden is Flo's son. He is sickly. He has major heart problems. Snow might not live to be twenty-five. But he is optimistic about his future. Snow wants to be an interpreter. He studies hard to do so. Snow translates for Flo and he has a crush on Noizchild.

Bun-Bun Jackson:

Age: 25

    Bun-Bun is a young heiress. Due to some medicine she took that turned out that she was allergic to and ended up in a coma, she has lost all of her memory. Bun-Bun wandered to TZA and now the girls are helping to relearn everything. She has cruel uncle who's trying to con her out of inheritance.

Birdie Greene:

Age: 23

    One of Jun-Jun's friends. This twenty-three-year old woman may be a ditz but when it comes to electronics, Birdie is a genius! She's also good at playing cupid. Birdie carries a riverstick and machine gun.

Joy Hooper:

Age: 25

    Joy is a trailer princess. She and Noiz fight constantly. Joy is racist bitch. She has a six-year-son but she barely mentions him at all. The staff can't stand Joy either, not even Josie!

Myau Sato:

Age: 25 (When she died)

    Myau is the ghost that haunts the academy. The academy was built over a slave house. Myau lived there. She was once a love slave.  But then her husband killed her out of love. Myau is a lusty ghost. She flirts around with all of the guys. Myau steals all of the girls' lacy underwear from time to time. The lady ghost won't leave the academy or the people.

Triche Greene:

Age: 16

    Birdie's sixteen-year-old sister. Triche is pure girly yet a tomboy at heart. She too carries a riverstick. Good with electronics and enjoys singing.

Lillian's Bio

Name: Lillian Kathleen O'Conner

AKA: Lilly

Birthdate: 9/13/84

Age: 18

P.O.B.: Cork, Ireland

    Lillian is Victoria's roommate. She is an older protective sister to Vic. They met in the freshman year of college. The two became fast friends. Lili doesn't trust us that much. She is like a stricter version Polly. Lillian eventually grew to like us.

Weasel's Bio

Name: Kyo Miku Wo

AKA: Weasel

Birthdate: 10/30/74

Age: 28

    Weasel is retired fighter from Nagasaki, Japan. He was the best fighter in show fights. Then, he met his wife. They fell in love instantly. The couple soon eloped. Weasel did small jobs to support his wife. It was difficult at first, but life became easier. Weasel helps the boys out all of the time.

Lord Jesse Handcock

Age: 45

    Handcock is the ever powerful immortal war lord of Ronahon. He only desires one thing-- the girls of TZA. Handcock is a notorious lecher. The TZA girls flee him every chance they get. But he will stop at nothing to have them! The warlord constantly watches the girls.


Age: 10,000 (But looks 21)

    Tomiko is a seductive vampire. She is a yuri. Tomi had a lover but she ran off. Now the vampire is looking for her. Tomiko likes to play with guys' heads. She also likes Noizchild a little too fondly.


Age: 16

    Viridian is a homeless girl. She collects empty vodka, whiskey, liquor, and booze bottles for money. Viridian has a secret in her body. A piece of the Dragon Lady's soul lies within her. Viridian is the key to peace or destruction. If she is killed, the whole mystic race is doomed!!! One problem, Viridian doesn't know about her role in the mystic race. That's probably a good thing actually.

Ralph's Bio

Name: Ralph Armada Redi

Birthdate: 12/24/72

Age: 30

P.O.B.: Naples, Italy

    Ralph is a priest from Italy. I know what you're thinking. Why is a priest doing with you guys? One, look at Jasper and two, he helps us. How, you ask? Simple. Ralph is our adviser with the mystics. Plus, he is a damn good exorcist! The man has a close interest in us.