Chapter Forty-Five: Mom and Dad:

The Mother decided to bring out the big guns. She got on Daiyu’s phone. This had to be done in one shot.

“Hello?” a woman’s voice asked on the other line. The Mother’s lips curved into a smile.

“Hey mom,” she said in Daiyu’s voice.

“Daiyu? Baby? Is that you?”

“Yes, mama.”

“When are you coming home?”

“Mama… I’m in trouble.”

“What’s wrong?”

The Mother faked her sobbing. “Please… help me!”

“Daiyu? Daiyu? What’s wrong? Baby? Baby?”

The Mother grinned as she hung up. Perfect. She returned to the dining room.


Everyone sat back around the table. Anna glanced behind her. The Mother stood in the doorway. Her vessel frowned.

What did you do?

The kitsune paused. What?

Don’t play dumb. You’re up to something. Spill it. What did you do?

The Mother sighed. Fine, I called Daiyu’s parents.


Relax, relax. Our plans will be solved. She noticed Anna glaring at her. What?


What do you mean?


But why? You can’t possibly want this child.

It’s not that.

The Mother gave her an odd look. Then what are you doing?

I’m listening to all the options. Anna turned back to the table. The Mother snorted.

You might have to choose quickly. The kitsune looked at the clock at the back wall. Five… Four… Three… Two… Her eyes shifted over to Daiyu across the table.


Suddenly, Daiyu’s cell phone rang. All eyes fell on her as she answered it.

“Excuse me,” the teenage girl said. Daiyu held her phone to her ear. “Hello?”

“Daiyu?” a woman’s voice asked. “Baby? Is that you?”

“Mom! What’s wrong?”

“Are you okay?”

The teenaged girl looked so confused. “What?” The Mother appeared behind Daiyu and took the phone out of her hand.

“Hello, ma’am,” she said. “So nice to get you on the phone. Is your husband around by any chance?”

“Uh… Who are you?”

The Mother looked at her polished nails. “Someone who wants to save us all from giant demons from giant demons from breaking through the gate and killing us all. Now, is your husband in?”


“Is he?”

“Yes!” Daiyu’s mother voice trembled as she spoke.

The Mother smirked. “Good. Could you get him on the phone with you?”


“Please get him on the phone now. This is really important.”


The Mother put Daiyu’s phone on speaker as she waited. All eyes rested upon her. Anna narrowed hers at the kitsune.

I don’t like your plan.

The kitsune shrugged. You were taking too long. I am only stepping up here.

This will not work.

The Mother chuckled. We’ll see about that.

“What the hell do you want?!” a man’s voice snapped on the other line.

“Ah, yes,” the kitsune said on the phone. “So nice to hear from you, sir.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“Well, I’ll let everyone explain the situation we have here.”

“Situation? We? What the hell is going?!”

Watari rose to his feet at the table. “Hello Daiyu-chan’s dad,” he said. “It’s so nice to meet you. My name is Watari Yutaka. Your granddaughter is such a cutie.”

“What granddaughter?” Daiyu’s father asked. The Mother smiled as she waited for her plan to unfold. This should be fun…