Chapter Seven: Mother’s Hate:


I: Mother

Men are all the same. They just want sex and pretty much a maid to do their housework for them. I have seen this too many times in the Eda-Kimoto clan. Once women marry into the clan, they either lose the ability to care or become obsessed with power. The men marrying into the family aren’t any better. Once they get a taste of what my children’s female tsukai have between their legs, they pretty much become tools and do anything just to get more of it.

I blow my bangs away from my face on before sinking back on their futon. The last two men I had only wanted me for my power. Their wives were so easy to absorb into me. Those stupid men didn’t even notice that they were gone by the time I got finished with them.

II: Single

I roll over onto my side. What’s happened to me? I used to be free. My home was in the woods in Nara pre-feudal era. I was free back then. No one bothered me and had I could come and go as I wanted. The trees, sun, and nature were all I needed.

However, I got bored. Around this time, Japan developed into quite the country. My, my, my. Humans entertained me back then as they do now. As a result, I took their form and lived among them. I burst into such churlish giggles that I have to cover my mouth with my hand. It’s funny, really. Humans treat my kind like gods. They feared and adored us. I still laugh at the statues at the shrines. To tell the truth, I felt like a queen walking among the humans.

Sadly, it didn’t take long for me to get bored again. This is going to sound a bit clichéd, but I made the mistake of wishing for something new and exciting to come along and explode in my life. That’s when men became involved.

III: First Marriage

During times of different festivals, I sold soy milk to humans. I found it boring, but I needed the money. Pick-pocketing lost its appeal. (I never got caught either.) I remember that summer. I hated selling in large crowds and I didn’t need headaches. Anyway, I sold near the forest or back roads. On that day, I set up shop as usual. That’s when I met husband number one.

That poor soul was desperate. He had a fiancée dying of some form of dreaded human malady. Her family tried everything to make her well again, but sadly they failed miserably. This man refused to give up, however. Said that he loved her. I wrinkle my nose. It’s just a ridiculous lie humans tell themselves. Fanciful fairytales. Women are made to be slaves. Little more than nursemaids and concubines. While men regress into their second childhoods.

Anyway, he came up to my booth. I saw into his heart. The fool desperately wanted to save his fiancée. He was desperate, I was bored. So, he became my first tool. Men are sheep, don’t you know? That’s why he entered into a contact with me. He just had to save that woman. Of course, I helped him out. As you guessed, my motive was selfish.

The woman was a sweet, meek country girl. She grew up sickly. Poor thing couldn’t even play outside like a normal child. Her parents couldn’t afford to care for her. The doctors said that she wouldn’t live to be an adult. That’s why her parents tried to marry her off early. Imagine their shock when their daughter healed completely after I merged with her soul.

My new “husband” was loyal to me, maybe too loyal to me. He didn’t see his own wife anymore. If he did, maybe she wouldn’t have disappeared into me. That foolish man died thinking she was me.

IV: Second Marriage

Husband number two was no different. I try to forget about him. Clearly, the idiot just wanted in on the clan’s power. My second heir, Sayaka, made me want to hang my head in shame. Foolish girl who always fell in love. This man looked half-way attractive for her. I remember as I try not to gag when I think of him.

Even her parents hated him. My children couldn’t stand him either. Some even wanted to kill him and eat his soul. However, that stupid girl just had to have him. After a short courtship, they got married. The persistent grin on his stupid face made my skin crawl.

I hated that man. Sure, he was a good husband, but he was so annoying. Doting and needy at the same time. He only wanted me for my power. Not surprising that he didn’t notice when his wife disappeared within me years later into their marriage. Just like husband number one, he became too wrapped up in me more than his wife.

V: Current Marriage

I got married again about five months ago. This time, he’s a shinigami. And a rather annoying one at that. He’s a smiling, sweet-eating idiot. I reach for the ceiling light overhead. What the hell does Anna see in him, anyway?

The only thing I can figure is that the blockhead reminds her of Daisuke. I grit my teeth, cursing his missing soul. There’s another man that I despise. He was a weakling and a coward. He tried to seal me away to protect his daughter. I snort at the notion. It wasn’t even a good shield. He knew that too and he still tried to seal me away.

Thinking about it now, Blockhead and Daisuke are so similar. Both make me grind my teeth. They are nothing but hypocrites too. Using smiles to mask their pain. The whole affair makes me want to vomit. They are the reason that I have come to believe that men will always be pathetic.

VI: Planning

I roll onto my stomach as I lie on their ragged futon. However, all is not lost in this hell that I am chained to once again. This time, I have my own plans for the Blockhead. A smirk flits across my face. I have decided to make him my little tool. Anna believes that good men do exist. Alright, I accept her challenge. I can’t wait to crush this “love” between them. My smirk morphs into a grin at the thought.

I will devour him!