Chapter Twenty-Two: My Moon, My Man:

Your tongue thrums and moves
Into me, and I become
Hollow and blaze with
Whirling light, like the inside
Of a vast expanding pearl.

--“XXV” from The Love Poems of Marichiko by Kenneth Rexroth 1978

July 7th, 2009.

Tonight, Anne lied on the futon waiting for him. Tsuzuki sat on his knees in front of her. Anna slowly took in a breath as her lips trembled.

“Before we do this,” she spoke up in a small voice. “Promise me that you will be gentle tonight.”

“I promise I will,” he said in a murmur.

“You promise?” she asked.

“I promise,” her lover guaranteed. Tonight, he wanted to try something different with her. He shared this thought with his beloved. Anna looked worried at first.

“You don’t want to see my…” she began to protest. Tsuzuki held up his hand at her as he gave her kind little smile.

“You can stay on your back,” he said. Anna still had an uneasy look in her eyes up to this point. Tsuzuki crawled forward to her shirtless. He kissed her once on the lips and she slowly kissed him back. The shinigami pushed her back gently and slid off her black Rolling stones t-shirt. His mouth trailed down her lips, chin, and throat. She closed her eyes to enjoy. His hands smoothly glided down to her shorts. Anna took in small breaths as he unzipped them in a feather-like way. The heat began to spread in her body, making her toes curled at his touch.

Tsuzuki grabbed her shorts and slid them down. He moved back up to her lips and kissed them again. Anna happily kissed back while his hands fondled along her curves. His tongue slowly parted her lips and found its way into her mouth. He gently caressed her tongue to instigate the sexy battle. Anna felt her body getting lighter as she joined in. The shinigami timed himself carefully.

Tsuzuki moved his hands to her back. His fingers slowly inched toward her bright red bra. He played with it fingertips before actually getting to work. He took his sweet time with each tiny hook of that black and red laced bra. He could feel the shivers coming from Anna’s body underneath him. Her hands ghosted down his body until they rested at his trousers. She was about to undo them when Tsuzuki arrested her scarred dainty wrists. His beloved broke off the kiss and looked at him pouting. The shinigami shook his head smiling at her.

“No, Anna-chan,” he whispered, “I’m pleasuring you tonight. You just lie there and enjoy yourself.” Anna reluctantly let go of his pants.

“Good girl,” her boyfriend whispered. He slid off her bra and tossed it aside. Tsuzuki’s hands fondled her bare breasts whilst he licked her neck as well.

“You’re teasing me!” Anna yelped in a whimper.

“Yes,” her lover admitted so devilishly, “I am.” The man added in tiny butterfly kisses as his hands remained on her breasts. Anna found herself helpless to his pleasure as she folded to her own desires. Tsuzuki’s tongue moved from her neck to her cleavage. The taste of her stirred him awake in the pants, but Tsuzuki fought off his rush to pull off his deviant plan. Anna threw back her head and moaned.

“I can’t take this anymore!” she cried, “Don’t tease me like this! I love you so much, Asato-kun! Ohhh!” The shinigami smirked at her reaction as his hands strayed from her breasts to her hips. Tsuzuki grabbed onto her white lacy panties and yanked them off. It didn’t take much for Anna to part her thighs for him. Tsuzuki let us tongue travel from her cleavage to her abdomen before reaching his final destination.

“Brace yourself,” he whispered to Anna’s moist heat, “This is where the fun begins.”

Long ago near the edge of the valley of golden grass was a pond colored in crimson blood. A small white and pink fish swam there every day. She enjoyed her quiet life with her reeds and plankton to munch on; to live with no rush was enough for her.

One day, a young homeless man about eighteen years old found his way into the valley looking for food. Despite his dirt-covered skin, this man looked like an average guy. He found his way over to the pond and smiled as he looked into the water.

I have a place to eat and wash myself!, he thought. The young man undressed and splashed himself with water. Below, the fish noticed a disturbance at the surface and looked above to investigate. The fish didn’t know what to make of the man bathing in her home.

Where did this human come from?, she thought as she watched on. Something told her to swim away, but her body wouldn’t let her move.

Suddenly, the young man saw this pretty fish. Her meat made his mouth water.

My first meal in weeks!, he thought. He knew force wasn’t the way to win with Buddha’s creatures. He pressed his palms together pleading.

“My lovely fish,” he greeted her, “I have been without food for weeks. May I eat you to kill my hunger pains?” The fish eyed him without words. She knew that if he ate her, she would die, but, this man seemed so kind.

“Alright,” she said. The young man bowed to her.

“I thank you,” he said. The young man reached into the water and pulled out his meal. The fish tightly shut her eyes as her consumer took the first bite. His soul’s eyes were opened wide.

“My lovely fish, you are so good,” he said in between bites. The fish slowly began to succumb to her painful yet pleasure-filled fate.

“Please spare my life!” she pleaded in vain.

“But you’re so delicious!” her predator cried. He ate and ate until the fish was reduced to bones. After his meal, the young man climbed out of the water and went to sleep in the golden reeds with her bones by his side.

Tsuzuki crawled back up to Anna, licking his lips. His beloved’s body was still shaking and sweating as weakly took Tsuzuki into her arms. They fell asleep to the rain that way.

Outside, Thanatos saw the whole thing.