Chapter Thirty-Five: My Sister:


I may had despised my sister but she was the only one who got me. Our parents were messed up. Father was a soldier in World War II. Being a POW will really ruin you. But I think he was messed up before he met my mother. Anyone who gets in with us is.

I digress.

My sister and I latched onto each other for survival. It wasn’t because we wanted to. I think Juriko despised me as much as I did her. It was because we had to. Sure, our parents did care about our needs. But that was all. Our mother never wanted us. She tried to kill us before we were born. Her family barely had enough money to survive. The 1930’s ruined everyone during that time. The Eda clan felt the effects tenfold. Mother got pregnant at a bad time. Her boyfriend was not a good match. They fought when they were younger. They were just that passionate too. He wanted to leave but Mother wouldn’t let go. Pregnancy made it worse. Neither wanted us but abortion was not on the table. Too poor. So mother tried to make herself miscarry. She did everything too. Mother would hit or fall on her stomach. Many times. But as you can see, I’m still alive.

Juriko and I were born before Christmas. Mother and Father got married. Happy family, right?

You poor ignorant fool.

I had to follow Juriko’s lead to survive. She clearly was the favorite. When our parents weren’t fighting or despondent, their attention was on her. I was an after-thought. Annoying, but I wasn’t too bothered. I liked to be alone.

Again, I digress.

I do remember one promise we made to each other. We were ten at the time. We were alone in our living room. Our parents were out for the day. I don’t remember. We were lying on the tatami mats in the living room. It was too hot to move. I was tired but couldn’t sleep. Juriko turned to me.

“Hey Haruka,” she said. I turned to her.

“What?” I asked. Her smile annoyed me.

“What?” I asked again. “Spit it out already!”

“Let’s make a pact,” she said. I wrinkled my nose.

“Why?” I asked. Juriko put her hand on mine.

“Let’s stay together,” she said. “No matter what.” I narrowed my eyes.

“Why?” I asked. Her smile made my right eye twitch.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she said, nodding. Even back then, she was so annoying. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

“Fine,” I muttered. She held out her right pinky. I frowned.

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Yes!” Juriko insisted. I puffed up my cheeks and linked my pinky with hers. My sister giggled. We did the stupid promise thing. We weren’t being sincere. She abandoned me first when we got older. So, I abandoned her back.

“That all can change.”

I lifted my head. My eyes widened. “No…” I shook my head.

“No. No! This can’t be!” I shouted. “You’re dead! I watched you drown! I wished it so!” My sister at age fifteen stood across from me. She had that smile that made me want to scream.

“Yes,” she said. Juriko held out her hand. “Come with me.”

I shook my head. “No… No, you will not take me! I will not die. I choose to win!”

“You won’t win.”

I whipped around. No… Not him too. I saw another grin that made me want to scream.