Chapter five: Night:

    “Perfect by nature, icons of self-indulgence. Just what we all need, more lies about a world that never was and never will be.”

-“Everybody’s Fool” by Evanescence
    Takeru awoke in old fear. His head and throat ached badly. “Takeru.” a woman’s voice said. He looked to see his mother in the doorway. “Are you okay?” she asked. Her son looked confused. “Nani do you mean?” he asked. “You were screaming in your sleep last night.” she said. Takeru’s eyes grew big. “Was I that loud?” he asked. “Hai.” his mother said. The boy looked down. “Has it gotten that bad?” he thought. The boy just shook his head.

    Today was Sunday. The royal family was in church, so Takeru couldn’t talk to Aneko. The Yagami family was out of town today. The other three digidestined were in the digital world. So nani was the boy to do?

    “Takeru, are you sure there’s nothing wrong?” Patamon asked. “Oro?” the boy asked. “You’ve been looking pale for the last few days and you’ve been screaming in your sleep for the last five night.” his digimon said. “THERE’S NOTHING WRONG!!!!! I’M PERFECTLY FINE DAMNIT!!!!!” Takeru raged. Patamon trembled in fear. The boy just saw nani he had done. “Gominnasi Patamon.” he said. “Forgive me.” The digimon relaxed. Takeru gave his pal a hug. ‘I forgive you.” Patamon said. “Arigato.” the boy said.

    “Oyasumi-nasai Patamon.” Takeru said later that ban. “Ban Takeru.” the digimon said. Then they went to sleep.

*Nightmare Starts*

    In the middle of the ban, Takeru’s cell door was opened. Yet another guard walked in. He kicked the boy in the head hard. Takeru awoke in pain. “Get up you scum!” the guard barked. “Naze?” the boy asked. The guard didn’t answer. He just grabbed the prisoner and dragged him outside. Nani was going on this time of ban?

    The answer was right outside. The rain was pouring down. All of the slaves were gathered in front of a big willow tree. Three young boys were facing them. Takeru was pushed into the crowd. Guards were everywhere.

    Then Roku stepped up to the front. “Hogs!” he yelled. The slave grew quiet. “Nani you are witnessing are these three deserters!” he continued. The three boys looked cold and scared. Takeru could feel their pain.

    “You know nani the punishment is for escaping.” Roku spoke up. Fear descended down to the slaves. Takeru was confused. “He’s going to kill them!” a slave whispered. The boy’s eyes grew big. “Death!” the guards yelled. The slaves were scared silent. Roku pulled out a handgun. “Nani is the punishment?” he asked. “Answer or you will join them!” “Death!” the guards yelled again. “Death!” the slaves said weakly. “I can’t hear you!!” Roku yelled. “Death!!!” the guards yelled. “DEATH!!!” the slaves yelled. The boss grinned.

    “You are exactly right.” he said. Then Roku took the handgun and put it to first boy’s head. He pulled the trigger lighting fast. The boy fell down dead. The slaves were in fear. Takeru was frozen in terror.

    Roku walked to the other two. They were like lambs to the slaughter. The boss was enjoying the murder. Then he took up his gun again and shot the second boy. He fell down dead at Roku’s feet.

    The guards laughed as they watched the killings. The slaves stood there in fear. When the killings were over, Roku turned to the other slaves and said: “Go back to your cells, hogs!!!” They complied. Takeru was dragged away with fear and anger.

*End of Nightmare*