My name is Alcloud Namie. I am a ninety-seven-year-old vampire. My older sister, Rachel, vanished in 1920. She was eighteen and I was seven. To explain myself better, I have to tell you who Rachel is first.

We had the same father, but two different mothers. Our fatherÖ was a man-whore. Kind man, but a slut. He loved his wives and daughters dearly. Yes, I said that right. Wives. Our father committed bigamy. He married Rachelís mother first. Interesting story there too.

First, Rachelís mother was an American. They met when the Meji Era began. She was a captainís daughter. Her name? Not important anymore. They were seventeen when they first met. Both were still angels. Two worlds that should never have mixed at the time. But, lust is a funny thing.

Our father followed her mother in secret. He was stalking her like a wolf to an elk. Our father had fixations in his youth. (Not the ones youíre thinking of. We were all human then.) He was obsessed with this young girl. He watched her every day. But soon, that wasnít good enough.

Our father just had to have Rachelís mother. So one day, he followed her down to the rice paddy. He tried to keep it innocent. That as you can imagine, didnít last long. Lust is a nasty little bitch. It really brings out the best in people. Thatís what happened to our father. He followed Rachelís mother to the rice paddy and ambushed her. This could have ended nasty. Our father was lucky to be so attractive. He seduced Rachelís mother and slept with her. A relationship formed from there. Itís so odd, really. I donít think either one had expected to cross paths. It justÖ happened that way. Same with what happened afterwards.

Six months later, they married in secret. Two years later in 1902, Rachel was born. My sister was a pretty child. Her parents adored her. The people stared at her oddly. She had black hair and blue eyes. Rachel was rare. No one was like her. Rachel just was.

I love my sister dearly. We were and are close. I was worried when she went missing. I feared the worst. Some people accused my mother of murdering my sister. But, there was no proof. For years, no one knew anything.

Then when I turned thirty in 1943, I found my older sister again. She was still the same, but different. I didnít care at the time. Rachel was alive and back; that was all that mattered. She turned me. Alcloud took me into his clan.

Now, I am playing a game with thirty-seven ordinary lives. On the next year of the Fire Festival, they will give their lives to me. I want to see what happens until then. This should be an interesting show to behold.

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