Chapter Eleven: Natural Blue:

Aki’s eyes open. Hisoka froze.

“What are…?” he asked. The kitsune’s head sprang up.

Yasuo smirked. “Bang!”

“Tsuzuki, stay back!” Hisoka yelled in the air.

“What?” Tsuzuki asked. He turned when he heard a hissing sound. Aki came flying towards him.

“Shit!” Tsuzuki yelled. He pulled out a fuda dove out of the way.

“You thought I was going to die that easily?” Yasuo asked. “Think again, mother fucker!” Yasuo laughed in the air. Tsuzuki gritted his teeth.

“Damn it!” he snapped. He muttered something under his breath. The shinigami stood up.

“Well then,” he said. “Looks like you’ll have to chase me first!” Tsuzuki took off running. Aki flew after him. The path looked the same in all directions. Stay calm.

Tsuzuki had to keep moving. He glanced behind him and noticed it. Of course. Aki’s eyes glowed in the dark. His breathing grew labored. Tsuzuki put his poker face on.



How long do we have?

I can’t tell.

How are you holding up?

A little tired, but I’m okay.

Good. Do you still have it?

Yes… Wait… You don’t mean we’re…

What choice do we have?

It’s too dangerous.

We’re running out of time. Do you have any other ideas?


Then we’ve got to get on it. Understood?


Good. The older shinigami turned left. Of course, Aki followed.



Haruka’s phone rang. She grumbled as she felt around for the receiver.

“What?!” the old lady snapped. The call didn’t last long. Haruka heard every word.

“Understood,” she said. “Goodbye.” The old lady hung up and went back to sleep.


Yasuo winced with his hand to his chest. He took in slow breaths.

Not yet. I can make it. I can hold out. I’m this for you, Mother! I want you to love me for this!

“She doesn’t love you.”

Yasuo turned around. Tsuzuki stood behind him with a serious look on his face. The old man jumped back.

“What the…?!” he shouted. Tsuzuki smacked him on the forehead with the fuda. Yasuo felt himself falling back into own darkness.


When he opened his eyes, Yasuo found himself back into the living room of his childhood home. Judging by the light around the empty room, this had to be back in the 70’s.

“Mama?” he heard a little boy ask. The old man looked up to see himself as a child walking into the living room, looking around.