Chapter Fifteen: Nervous Distrust:

Hotaru had to be careful with this. Vivian sat across from her at the kitchen table.

“How long has he been like this?” Hotaru asked. Vivian looked down at her hands.

“Just that night,” she whispered.

“No other times?” Hotaru asked. The wolf demon shook her head.

“I see,” Hotaru said. Vivian trembled as she looked at her hands.

“No,” the loli demon said. “This is a first I’ve seen of it too.” That was kind of true. Mike had a period of aggression after escaping hell. He stayed to himself in his room. Mike constantly drank. Bottle after bottle of sake and harder liquor. He barely ate. The worst Mike did was to yell at the girls in the house.

“Has he started drinking again?” Hotaru asked. “Heavy drinking?”

“I… I don’t know,” Vivian said.

“Take your time if you need to.”

The wolf demon shifted in her seat. “I think so.”

“Are you sure?”


“I see. Has Mike yelled at you any?”

“This morning.”

“Has he tried to attack you again?”

“No.” Vivian pressed her lips together. “I’ve stayed away from him since that night.”

“I see. Hm…”

Vivian looked her in the eye. “What’s going on with him?” Hotaru’s eye shifted away from her. Could she tell her the truth? It wasn’t hers to say. But, being in Mike now wasn’t a good idea.

“Well…” she began. The right words didn’t want to come out like she wanted. This wasn’t her truth to tell.

“I am not the one to tell you,” Hotaru said. “I don’t think he can explain it either.” She noticed the desperate look on Vivian’s face.

“Don’t worry,” the loli demon said.  “I have dealt with this before.” She didn’t do it alone, however. Emiko did most of the work. Hotaru just followed her lead. So far, she had been keeping the house together. This would be a true test.

“You have?” Vivian asked.

“Yes,” Hotaru said.  She took the wolf demon by the hand.

“Just keep away from him for the time being. Do you have any friends you can stay with for the time being?” the loli demon asked.


“Good, good. Do you want to call them up now?”

Vivian nodded. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. Hotaru watched as the wolf demon dial up one of her friends. This wasn’t much. But, this had to be step one to Mike and Vivian’s problem. Hotaru looked into the living room.

“He’s still asleep now,” she said. “I can help you pack for a few days.”

“Thank you,” Vivian whispered. Hotaru felt so much better with her words. But, she knew work wasn’t over yet. The loli demon knew that she had to walk with caution with Vivian. Kazue and her man would have to wait. Mike was top priority for now.