Chapter Three: New Case File:

January second brought more work everyone. Tsuzuki didn't want to be here. He would much rather be back in bed with Anna. Yesterday was tame compared to New Year's Eve. Tsuzuki smiled as he remembered that night. He seduced her into bed with him. She resisted at first.

"But Rihoko could walk in on us," she said. He nibbled on his fianc�e's neck.

"Please," he pleaded. His arms came around her waist. She smelt good. Her hair stirred him awake between the legs.

"I love your hair," he whispered. "You are just worth the wait tonight

"But�" she whispered.

"Please?" Tsuzuki pleaded. Anna's weakened as his hand reached up for her breasts.

"Asato-kun�" she murmured. He kissed her on the lips. From there, the rush began again. All of their clothes littered the floor. He pushed her onto her futon. He drank his fill, but let her have her pleasure as well. No, yesterday was more somber. It would've been inappropriate to sleep with her on his deceased soon-to-be-father-in-law's birthday. Maybe tonight would be different. However, younger Gushoshin flew into the room.

"Tsuzuki-san, Hisoka-kun!" he exclaimed. "Konoe-san needs to see you right away!" Tsuzuki came back to earth and pouted.

"Aww," he whimpered. "Right now?"

"He says it's urgent," the younger Gushoshin said. The older shinigami sighed and lowered his shoulders.

"Fine," he mumbled. He and Hisoka made it down to the chief's office.

"This case came to us last night," Tatsumi reported. He flipped on the TV. Tsuzuki and Hisoka gathered around the screen.

"Police in Tokyo are investigating the violent murder of a college girl in a nightclub that took place around midnight on New Year's Eve," the reporter announced in a disturbingly perky voice. "This is the third murder that occurred in the same night. No word on whether or not the cases are connected as of this time." Tatsumi hit pause.

"We have the missing details of the case," he said. He handed them the file. Tsuzuki and Hisoka read it over. All three victims had their bodies torn to shreds. All that remained were massive pools of blood. The shinigami turned back to Konoe- san.

"We believe that this case falls under our jurisdiction," he said. "You need to find the cause and stop the murders!"

"Yes, sir!" Tsuzuki and Hisoka replied.

"There is one lead," Tatsumi added.

"What is it?" Hisoka asked. Tatsumi handed them the file.

"All three of the victims came from Todai," Konoe said.

"Todai?" Tsuzuki and Hisoka asked. The former sighed and rolled his eyes. There goes my date with Anna-chan tonight, he thought. Oh boy!

"Is there a problem, Tsuzuki-san?" Konoe asked. The man quickly shook his head.

"No, no!" he lied. "I'm on it!" He gave off a nervous chuckle. Oh boy�

Meanwhile in the basement of Tokyo University, the next round of the experiment began�