Night on the Town

I: Girls Just Want to Have Fun:

Tonight was a special night at the Factory. The girls (or at least most of them) were going out for the night. Jenny, Ophelia, Jamaica, Savannah, Mo Billie, Pandora, Emily, Jemima, Violet, Mona, and Toshiko were going to party tonight. This line-up didn�t come easily though. Most of them were itching to go out. Mo Billie, Pandora, Jemima, and Mona needed some persuasion. Jamaica and Savannah cornered Mona. Toshiko and Jenny got to Mo Billie. Jenny and Ophelia dragged in Pandora. Emily and Violet talked Jemima into going. The most talking into took about� ten minutes, give or take. Jenny�s idea, really.

�We should invite Pandora, Momo, Mona, and Jemima to come with us,� she said. Ophelia looked at her oddly.

�Why?� she asked. Jenny shrugged at her.

�They don�t get out enough for our taste,� she said. �Or something like that.�

�Ooo!� Savannah chirped. �Brainwashing, huh?�

�Something like that�� Jenny mumbled. Ophelia rolled her eyes.

�You gonna what this worthwhile?� she asked. Violet smacked her in the back of the head. The diva tightly shut her eyes and flinched.

�Ow,� she mumbled.

�It�s not about you, okay?� Violet hissed.

�Bitch,� Ophelia mumbled back. The artist pretended not to hear her as she turned back to Jenny.

�I think it�s a good idea,� she said. �Bring them along!� Jenny smirked at the seconding of the motion.

�Great,� she said.

�But how are we going to get them to go?� Toshiko asked. �Mo Billie is not a party person, Pandora is a goody-goody, Jemima is protective of Pandora, and Mona� is just foreign.� Jenny shrugged at her again.

�By any way possible,� she said. �Look, just do the best you can to get them to come along!� The girls all nodded at her resolve and set out on their recruiting mission.

The girls all finally agreed to go. Jenny persuaded Andy to let them take the van out on the town for the night. She was the one driving, of course. In one minute, all of the Factory girls had loaded up in the van. Jenny looked behind her.

�Everyone ready?� she asked.

�Yeah!� the girls all replied. Jenny looked in front of her at the drive.

�Let�s roll!� she yelled as she put the van in drive and drove off.

II: The Po-Po:

Jenny was speeding there the city when she happened to look up in the rear mirror to flashing lights.

�Aw shit!� she mumbled. �It�s the police.� Mona kept her head downwards in her lap. Pandora and the others looked around as Jenny pulled to a complete stop. The cops stopped behind her. The driver and his deputy got out and walked over to Jenny in the driver�s seat. The singer rolled down the window. She sighed and rolled her eyes.

�Let me guess,� she said. �I was speeding, right?�

�Yes,� the cop said. Jenny breathed out again.

�Look can we just skip the talk and you just give me the ticket?� she asked. �My friends and I are trying to get to a party tonight.� The cop blinked at her once.

�E-Excuse me?� he asked.

�Just give me the ticket and we�ll be on our way,� Jenny said. �Come on, we haven�t got all night!� The cop blinked at her again.

�O-Okay�� he said. As the cop pulled out his pad to write up the ticket, Pandora looked to her left in the back. Mona sat next to her, shaking. The English girl raised an eyebrow at her.

�What�s wrong, Mona?� she whispered.

�I hate cops,� the Russian woman mumbled.

�It�s going to be okay,� Pandora whispered as she reached out to touch the older woman. Mona flinched away from her.

�Don�t touch me!� she whispered loudly.

�Something wrong back there?� the cop asked. Pandora quickly looked up.

�No sir,� she said.

�Rot in hell, pig!� Mona mumbled under her breath.

�Sorry?� the cop asked.

�Nothing!� Pandora lied quickly.

�I hate cops!� Mona said louder. Toshiko tried to quickly cover the woman�s mouth. The Russian woman fought her off.

�Don�t touch me!� she snapped.

�San, if there is a problem�� the cop said.

�Shut up, Mona!� Jenny yelled.

�I hate cops!� the Russian woman screamed. Pandora grabbed her by the hands.

�Shhh,� she whispered. �It�s okay. Jenny�s just going to the ticket and we can go.� Mona tried to fight her and Toshiko off.

�Let me go!� she barked. �Get off me! I hate cops!�

�Please excuse her, sir,� Jenny said. �She�s just a little on edge.� The cop made a face at her as he nodded.

�Yeah�� he mumbled. �I can see that�� Mona kept on screaming and fighting the other passengers for a good ten minutes. When she was calmer, the cop handed Jenny the ticket.

�You can just go,� he said. The singer nodded at him.

�Thanks,� she said. Then, she drove away into the city. The cop looked at the as she did so. �That was weird�� he thought.

III: The Bright Lights:

The rest of the drive was quiet after that. The girls seemed to despite Mona for her unnecessary outburst a while back. She looked around at all of them.

�What?� she asked. �I just hate cops!�

�It was only a ticket!� Ophelia yelled. �A stupid-ass ticket! He was going to let us go after that!� Mona frowned as she looked down in her lap again.

�I still hate cops,� she mumbled. Pandora only looked out the van window. The lights of Tokyo brought on a sense of child-like wonder to her soul. Thoughts of London of invaded her brain. A glowing smile slowly crawled across her face. �I hope Mum�s doing better since I last left her,� she thought. The freshman remembered how her mother threw a huge pity party because her daughter was leaving the country. She practically begged her not to go. Pandora assured her that she would be fine. The girl had done the smart thing and not told her mother about the Factory. Probably for the best, considering�

�Pandora!� a voice called behind her to bring her back to earth with fingers poking her in the back of the shoulder. The girl quickly looked up. Violet was leaned in almost close to her face.

�Huh?� Pandora asked.

�We�re here,� Violet said. The freshman blinked at her once.

�Huh?� she asked, confused. It took a moment for the message to sink into her head. She smiled as she nodded.

�Oh!� she said. �Right, right.� The girls all exited the van and went into the club.

IV: Waiting Line:

The wild girls flirted with some of the men to help them skip the line faster. Pandora and Mona looked around uneasily as they walked forward in the line. Mona leaned in close to the English girl�s ear.

�Are you sure this is a good idea?� she whispered. Pandora shrugged and shook her head.

�Just go along with it,� she whispered back. Mona just looked at her uneasily. Pandora only shook her head again.

�Look,� she whispered. �I don�t agree with them. But, going along with them is the best thing we can do at the moment, alright?� Mona bit her lip as she looked away. Pandora looked forward at the line. Her thoughts exactly�

They all made it to the front of the line. The bouncer looked at the girls with a stoic look in his eyes. Emily stepped forward to him. She slowly unbuttoned her black blouse enough to reveal her developing cleavage. She licked her lips at him once.

�Could you let my friends and me in?� she asked in provocative tone. The bouncer raised an eyebrow at her.

�How old are you?� he asked.

�Old enough to be chaperoned by these guys,� she replied. �Don�t worry; they�ll stay with me the whole time. It�s a special night, you see.� The girl stood on her tip-toes to get close enough to his ear.

�Very special birthday today,� she whispered. The bouncer stepped aside.

�In you go,� he said. Emily gave him a sweet smile.

�Thanks!� she cheered. Then, she walked straight into the club. The older, wilder women followed inside. Mo Billie went in next. Jemima went in with a serious look on her face. Pandora and Mona trailed behind with sheepish smiles on their faces. The English girl leaned into Jemima once they were inside.

�That was all it took from a thirteen-year-old?� she whispered. Jemima didn�t even turn to the other girl.

�Disgusting, isn�t it?� she whispered back. She walked on before Pandora could even reply. The English girl stood there, blinking.

�But it got us in�� she mumbled. The girl shrugged and she and Mona disappeared into the crowd.

V: All Up in the Club:

Club 75 was the place for every living party animal to come out to play. Everybody who was everyone came here. The Factory girls just had to be here. The music pumped life into their desires to really cut loose. Wild lasses all around began to sample the illegal goodies presented before them. Jenny passed around kisses to any gorgeous guy that she danced with on the dance floor. Toshiko and Mo Billie kicked back many drinks. Violet helped herself to plenty of pills. Jamaica, Savannah, and Ophelia flirted around with as many guys as they could. Even Emily was enjoying the attention that the boys were showering on her at the bar and on the dance floor. Jemima took a moment to get into the mood of things. But when she did, the girl was dancing with some of her new �friends� that she met over at the bar. Perfect girls� night out, yeah? Well, almost�

VI: Lone Ducks:

Pandora looked around for the dance floor for the posse. The crowd made it difficult to see anybody. You think she would be used to this party life now. No, not the case. These Factory gals moved too fast for her taste. Pandora was still innocent at heart. She preferred to stay in her dorm and work on her homework. They didn�t seem to get that. Instead, they wanted to do this stuff.

Pandora finally spotted some life like her at the bar. Mona sat all alone at the bar with her drink. She didn�t seem to want to be here either. Pandora began to relax when she saw the Russian woman. �Finally, somebody that�s not into this 24/7 partying thing,� she thought. The English girl battled her way to the bar. Mona looked up and saw Pandora coming towards her. A small smile came onto her face as the younger girl sat down next to her.

�Not into this partying thing?� Pandora asked. Mona shook her head.

�No,� she said.

�Me neither,� the English girl said. She turned to the bar tender and ordered a club soda. Pandora ate the cherry and took a sip.

�Personally,� she said. �I just want to stay in my dorm.� Mona gave her a little smile before looking away.

�I don�t fit in,� she said. Pandora looked up at her oddly.

�Hm?� she asked. Mona swirled her glass around a bit before looking at her younger friend.

�I don�t blend in with the other girls,� she said. �My Japanese is not that good. I was never good with fashion. I am not that good with people. Plus, I�m not good with drinking or drugs.� Pandora gave her a sympathetic smile.

�You miss Russia, don�t you?� she asked. Mona nodded over her drink. Pandora looked out at the crowd.

�I miss England sometimes,� she said.

�Hm,� Mona replied as she and Pandora watched the people dancing. Sometimes, innocence won�t dead easily.

VII: The Po-Pos II:

The cops from earlier in the night sat observing the streets. The deputy turned to his boss as he was eating his rice ball.

�Hey Seita,� he said.

�Yeah?� his boss asked.

�What was up with that Russian chick?�

�Beats me.�

�That bitch was crazy.�

�Why does she hate cops so much?�

�Who knows?�

�Think we�ll see them again?�

�Good heavens, I hope not!� Both went silent. The deputy finished up his rice ball.

�This is good,� he said. �You should try it.�

�No thanks,� Seita said. �I had dinner already.� The deputy shrugged at him.

�Suit yourself,� he said. They went back to watching the streets.

VIII: Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Reprise):

Time to go home. The girls sure had a good night. Most of them are passed out in the van. Pandora had to drive them all back home. Despite the cops, it was all good.

Black Clubbing