Chapter Thirty-Eight: Orphan the Puppet Master:

He’s called Orphan. He had a mission. When he was younger, he grew up in a house of death. Bodies littered the floor.

His father left when he was a baby. Much of Orphan’s past was hazy. There was a mother. There were siblings. He couldn’t remember how many, though. But they all died. He saw their bodies.

But, Orphan felt nothing. Death began to bore him. No one could escape from it. It became predictable in his eyes. But, what if they could come back to life?

The real motive was unknown. This didn’t look planned in the beginning. Orphan just had the idea in his head.

Did he do this alone? Not possible. Then, who was he working with? How many were involved? Did they know about each other? Who were they?

None of them saw his face.

What did he get out of this? Money? That can’t be right. He never asked for it. Loyalty? Not needed. Some followed him. Others didn’t. Why was he doing this?

His operation is falling apart. The main factory got destroyed. More are following suit. He has to do something. Does he know what’s going on? How will he act? Who will tell him? What will happen next?


Watari smirked to himself. All according to his plan. His eyes locked on his computer.

“Okay, Orphan,” he said. “What’s your next move?” He turned when he heard footsteps behind him. April poked her head in the doorway.

“Yes?” Watari asked.

“Uh… What should we do with Charlotte’s ex?” she asked. He waved her off.

“Do what you want,” he said. “Dante-san knows nothing else.”

“Okay,” April said. “Right.” She walked away from the door. Watari turned back to his computer. Suddenly, his phone rang.

“Hello?” Watari asked. “Hm? Who is this?” He smirked at the answer.

“I see,” the blonde scientist said. “So nice to put a voice to the name. Now, let’s sit down and meet up somewhere.” He listened to the other caller.

“Good, we’re going to have a long conversation in person,” Watari said. “What say you, Orphan-san?” 003 flapped her small wings together.

“Good,” her owner said. “You’ve made a wise decision.”