Season 4 -Johto League Championships

157. A Goldenrod Opportunity

    After arriving in Glenrod City to earn his gym badge and finding the gym closed, Ash and his pals take a tour only to realize that their guide is his gym leader.

158. A Dairy Tale Ending

    Still recuperating from their last match, Ash and his Pokémon challenge gym leader Whitney and her powerful Miltank to another battle - out of the gym.

159. Air Time

    When Ash is invited to act in a radio show, he ends up having to fight Team Rocket who are disguised as fellow actors.

160. The Bug Stops Here

    Friendship turns into rivalry when Ash competes against Casey during a Bug Pokémon Catching Contest.

161. Type Casting!

    In return for passage across a river after a storm has washed out the bridge, Ash and his pals must find the Pokémon called Sudowoodo.

162. Fossil Fools

    Ash and his friends join Professor Oak at a Pokémon theme park to visit ancient Pokemon when Team Rocket barges in and takes hostages.

163. Carrying On

    While Ash and his friends are getting a tour of a Pidgey postal business, Team Rocket captures Pidgey for their own profit. Ash must help the owners rescue the Pidgey to save the business.

164. Hassle in the Castle

    Team Rocket breaks into a castle clinic where Pokémon are used to cure patients and end up throwing themselves and Brock into maze in the basement.

165. Two Hits and a Miss

    Ash helps a girl improve her martial arts dojo skills so that she can take over for her grandfather as leader of the dojo.

166. A Hot Water Battle

    Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile are fighting with each other when they tumble into a passage beneath the jungle where Team Rocket member Meowth is also trapped. The unlikely foursome must work together to save themselves.

167. Hook, Line and Stinker

    Misty is eager to show off her fishing skills in a competition until she realizes that a rude, but skilled Poliwrath trainer, has also entered.

168. Beauty and the Breeder

    Brock returns the Vulpix to old friend Suzie and together they enter the Pokémon Breeder Competition. Team Rocket also register and aim to win.

169. A Better Pill to Swallow

    Team Rocket kidnap a number of Shuckle that create natural remedies for ailments. Ash must save the Shuckle before the medicine is tainted.

170. Power Play!

    After being humiliated by Gary, Ash must accept his help to fight against Team Rocket's new offense.

171. Mountain Time

    Ash's group and their new forest patrol friend must work fast to save the Pikachu and Togepi after being kidnapped by Team Rocket.

172. Wobbu-Palooza

    Ash and friends must figure out a peaceful way to save Wobbuffet Village during a non-violent festival when a gang of ruffians threaten to destroy the town.

173. Imitation Confrontation

    Team Rocket make off with rare Pokémon, Ditto, and our heroes rush to find it before it's traded to collectors.

174. The Trouble with Snubbull

    Pampered Pokémon Snubbull ran away into the woods and has evolved into a strong Granbull. It soon falls into the hands of Team Rocket who won't hand the Pokémon over without a reward from the rich owner.

175. Ariados Amigos!

    Ninja student Aya must get over her lack of confidence to stand alone against Team Rocket when both our heroes and her teacher can do no more.

176. Wings 'N' Things

    Former owner of a Pokémon whose power is shattering glass, a young boy is blamed for Team Rocket's plan of shattering the town's windows.

177. The Grass Route

    Ash becomes overconfident after a recent victory and chooses to gloat, while the loser trains all that much harder for the upcoming contest.

178. The Apple Corp!

    Team Rocket causes problems when Ash tries to work out a solution between an orchard owner and hungry Pichu that live nearby.

179. Hounddoom's Special Delivery

    Ash and the gang are worried when they learn of Togepi's disappearance following a battle and find huge footprints that follow her own.

180. The Tower Inferno

    Victory over villains, Jessie and James, will only be possible if Ash and his friends conjure up the legendary Pokémon spirits at an ancient meeting place.

181. From Ghost to Ghost

    Chances of winning a gym battle in the Johto League are slim when Ash and his Pokémon challenge the impressive strategies of the gym leader Morty and his Ghost Pokémon.

182. Trouble's Brewing

    Ash and his friends must beat three skilled sisters to prove that they are worthy companions for their fourth and youngest sister.

183. All That Glitters

    When a flock of Murkrow Pokémon steal Ash's new earned badges and James' prized bottle cap collection Ash must actually team up with the Pokémon thieves to prevent them from being used for James ' nefarious plans.

184. The Light Fantastic

    Ash and friends discover a ruined city in the desert inhabited by an elderly artist who is trying to immortalize on canvas a beautiful light in the desert.

185. Unbearable

    A new Pokémon that Misty finds turns out to be a trouble maker for her, Ash and the rest of the gang and then Team Rocket. But Team Rocket's plan for revenge may go awry when the trouble maker evolves into its new ferocious form.

186. Moving Pictures!

    Ash and friends go on a camera safari for the elusive Articuno Pokémon and listen to tall tales while they unthaw a frozen Sunkern Pokémon.

187. Spring Fever

    The search for the Articuno continues and Team Rocket tries to use Swinub Pokémon to drill for oil.

188. Freeze Frame

    The search for the Articuno brings success and team Rocket, who want to capture it and not simply photograph it, like Todd. But a fierce blizzard may prove to be the greatest danger.