Chapter Thirty: Panic Quake:

-March 11th, 2011-

Six minutes, that’s how long it took to change the course of the war. An earthquake struck Japan around 2:46 p.m. Shortly afterwards, a tsunami hit the shores. Ju-Oh-Cho found themselves busy with paperwork and judging countless numbers of souls.

But three more would die, fast tracking the war with the Eda-Kimoto clan to the much-desired end.


She hid away in the back corner of the shelter. This storm foreshadowed her doom. Hitomi had already prepared herself for this. She only hoped that her students were okay. Or rather former students.

Hitomi pulled out her gold heart-shaped locket. This would be her last resort. Kato gave her this locket.

“This will free you from their gasp if you die,” he told her. “You can’t take this off yourself and neither can they. Only use as your last life line.”

“What does it do?” Hitomi asked.

“You’ll be freed from them,” he said.

“But how?” She didn’t need to ask.

The little hear charm looked so innocent. Hitomi could smell its poison. This would be her out. But the kitsune couldn’t lean on it so easily. She slipped it under kimono.

It would be a question of when.


She sat in another crowded shelter. Her plans hit a rather unpleasant snag. Days before, she left Kyoko’s house. She was going to say at a friend’s house next, but this disaster ruined everything. Victoria drew her knees to her chest and gritted her teeth.

“What now?” Sosuke asked. She shook her head.

“Oh,” he said. The kitsune rested his chin on Victoria’s shoulder.

“Crappy, huh?” he asked. His master didn’t speak. Sosuke frowned. Time to reform plan B. But reform it to what?

They won’t have much time, however. Sosuke had a better grasp of the end than Victoria did. Still, he couldn’t tell her the truth. She would probably deny it and fight harder. But what would be the point?

The clan was dying. Sooner or later dead would come from them too. For now, Sosuke would nod and go along with her plans, no matter what how loud the death clock ticked for them both.


He’s too lost by this point. The police had to drag him into isolation for everyone’s safety. Nobu refused to leave what was left of his apartment.

“I won’t leave!” he shouted. The cops had to knock him out and toss him into the back.

Revenge is the only thing on his mind. Anna had to pay for destroying his family. He should’ve been paying attention to death coming for him. Haruka already took a good deal of his power. The connection with his kitsune was all but dead. Nobu had nothing left now. No job, no money, no family, no powers, no control, and now no home.

Pretty soon, no life either.

Three lives were about to be lost. It’s unclear how or when, but they will push the end of the war within arm’s reach.