Chapter Nine: The Party Bitch:

Later that night, Lucy went out to party at club Vanilla. This place was popular in Tokyo; many singles came here for a date. Lucy felt horny again and came out here, but instead she gained a new party buddy. She sat at the bar scanning the club. Native and foreigner had no line between them as they partied the night away. This club gave a discount to foreigners. Because of that, Lucy got the best of both worlds.

Suddenly, the Goth noticed someone sitting next to her. She slowly let her eyes trail to her left. A woman sat next to Lucy; she clearly looked like a foreigner. How black women were there in Japan? Lucy just had to stare. This wasn’t a twig sitting next to her; she looked pretty healthy, in fact. She had a nice profile with her full caramel-mocha cheeks. The gold dangly earrings and stud diamond earring in her top right ear blended in with her deep brown skin. Her plump lips and a nice chin completed the whole seductive black woman image. Lucy studied her closer.

“Any reason why you’re staring at me?” the woman questioned in sharp English. Lucy sat back startled.

“No reason, it’s just that it’s…” she began in defense. The woman whipped around to the Goth. She looked like a star from the seventies with her light caramel and blackish-brown hair in a wild, wavy afro. Her face looked full and lovely in full view. Deep chestnut brown eyes closed up in red-blooded package before her. The woman raised an eyebrow at Lucy.

“Rare to see a black person in Japan?” she asked. The Goth nodded.

“Yeah,” she said. The woman finished her drink.

“I see,” she replied. Lucy gave her a little smile and held out her hand.

“Lucy Fisher,” she said. The other woman smiled at her.

“Stella Craig,” she replied as they shook hands.

“Out for a date or a good time?” Lucy asked.

“Both!” Stella answered with a grin.

“You’re a chick after my heart!” the Goth said smirking. Someone suddenly cleared their throat at them. Lucy and Stella looked up to the bar tender gazing at them in a charming way. He looked close to their age and rather attractive. The women smiled at him as if they were hungry.

“Yes?” Stella asked.

“Those guys at other end want to buy you ladies a drink,” he said. Stella and Lucy looked up at the direction he was pointing in and spotted two equally cute guys waving at them. The women turned to each other smiling wickedly.

“Well now,” Stella spoke up, “Our friend has put us in a difficult position.”

“Should we say hello to the cuties or party with our new friend here?” Lucy purposed. The bar tender looked at them surprised.

“Me?” he asked.

“Why not? You’re pretty cute yourself,” Stella said, shrugging. The bar tender blushed.

“Uh… Really?” he asked rather beside himself.

“Yeah,” Lucy cut in, “You’re really hot!” Their friend mouthed “wow” at that compliment. The women leaned in close to him.

“Hang out with us and them!” Stella coaxed him. The bar tender became nervous.

“But… I’m still working…” he said moving his eyes around nervously. Stella smirked at him in a hungry way.

“It’s okay, baby. You can hang out with us after work. Could be fun! What do say?” she offered him as she lightly stroked him on the hand. The bar tender hesitated at the women grinning as they waited for his answer.

“That was easy!” Lucy said outside of the club.

“I know, right?” Stella said, “Three cute guys in one night! Mmm, girl! We’re on fire!”

“Yeah,” Lucy agreed. Both party girls laughed. The Goth woman then came up with a great idea.

“Hey,” she said, “We should do this again sometime.” Stella grinned at her new best friend.

“Sure,” she replied.

“Sweet!” Lucy said grinning.

“Now let’s go show our boys a good time!” Stella said as she patted Lucy on the back.

“Fuck yeah,” the other woman replied. The women headed over to their new “friends” waiting at the curb.