Patricia's Bio

Name: Patricia Sasha Stalin

AKA: Polly

Birthdate: 5/17/77

Age: 25

P.O.B.: Moscow, Russia

Species: Demimortal

Occupation: Writer and pipe system mechanic

Hair: Black (Really blonde)

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'11"

Love Status: Married

Likes: Her husband, Russia, chocolate, common sense, shopping, anime, manga, shoujo, Gorillaz, coffee, and the internet

Outfit: Long short-sleeve light blue dress, black belt, white pantyhose, and black leather shoes

Car: Galaxy

Animal chibi: Scorpion

    Highly sophisticated, Patrice came from a wealthy family. She was born in Moscow but her family moved to America when she was two. They lived there for eight years. Then at age 9, Patricia and family moved to Ukraine. While there, she became a great singer and dancer. The girl even top student in all of classes. Then her family moved again. This time back to Moscow. Then Patricia's life took a huge plot twist. She met Anthony when walking home from school at age 14. She didn't like him at first. But Anthony won her over. And two years later, they were married. And it's been an adventure ever since. They have a dog named Rasputin.