Play Day

Dateline: Jen fell in love with a boy named Tyrese. He turned out to be player. So Jen broke up with her.

    “Why do I have to play with Sammi today?” Jen asked Angela as she watched her future mom pack up for school. Jen was sitting at the kitchen table. She was spending the night at Angela’s apartment from yesterday’s incident. “She said that she was lonely and Ash and I will be at school. Plus Ray’s at preschool.” her future mom answered. “Couldn’t somebody else play with her?” Jen whined. Angela stopped packing her school supplies and looked up at her future daughter. Then she walked of to her. “Uh-oh! She looks mad.” Jen thought when she saw her. Angela stopped in front of her future adopted daughter. “Jenny, You listen and you listen good!” Angela began. “Your attitude for Sammi is atrocious! All I’m asking you to do is to play with the girl! Now you’ll play with her today or you’ll be grounded! Is that clear?” Jen just sighed and nodded. “Good girl!” said Angela as she patted Jen on the head. Then she left for school. Jen just sighed again. “This is going to be a long day!” she thought. Then she went to the Ketchum house.

    “So what are we doing today?” Sammi asked Jen. They were both in the front yard of the Ketchum house. It was nice and sunny outside. Pikachu was running around in the lawn. The immortal of the rain forest and friendship didn’t answer. She didn’t even look up at her. “What are we doing?” Sammi asked again. Jen continued to ignore her. “Just keep on ignoring her!” she thought. Then Sammi walked over to her. “Uh-oh! Here she comes! Keep ignoring her!” Jen thought. “Hello?!?!?” Sammi screamed in her ear. Jen screamed really loud. “Pika?” Pikachu said as he stopped and looked up at the girls. As much as Jen wanted to yell, Jen tried her best to keep quiet. “You’re not supposed to be ignoring me!!!!” Sammi wailed. Then the immortal of happiness’ eyes began to wail with tears. And sure enough, Sammi began cry out loud. Pikachu covered his ears. Jen just shut her eyes and clenched her teeth. “Her obnoxious crying is driving me to distraction!!!!!!!” the immortal of the rain forest and friendship thought hatefully. Then a malevolence idea came to her. “Sammi.” Jen said sweetly. The immortal of happiness kept on crying. “Sammi.” Jen tried again this time a little tough sounding. But Sammi continued to blubber. “SAMMI!!!!! SHUT UP!!!” Jen yelled. Sammi stopped crying and looked up. Pikachu took his hands off his ears. “Much better, I have a great game to play!” Jen began. “Really what?” Sammi asked in joy. “Hide and seek!” Jen grinned. “Great! But how do play?” Sammi asked sounding excited. “It’s easy! All you have to do is hide, while you’re looking for a place to hide, I’ll count to fifty. And once I finished counting, I’ll come and look for you.” Jen explained. “Hmm… It sounds easy. Okay!” Sammi agreed. “Perfect!” said Jen. “We’ll go to the park!” Then the two girls walked off to the park with Pikachu following behind them.
“Twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five….” Jen counted as she leaned up against an oak tree in the park. Pikachu just watched her in the moss. Then she stopped counting and looked up. Sammi was nowhere to be seen. “Perfect!” she thought. Then Jen sat down on the ground. Pikachu was confused. “Pika?” he asked. “Of course I’m not going after her!!!!!” Jen answered.

    “Pika pi?”

    “I didn’t want to play her in the first place, so I came up with this game so I could loss her.”

    “Pika Pika.”

    “I don’t care what Poppy and Madre think!”

    “*Sweat drop* Pikachu!”

    Five hours went by and Pikachu was giving Jen the sappy worried eyes. “Don’t look at me like that!!!!” she yelled. “Pikachu.” he said sadly. “I told you: I’m not going to find her!!!!!” Jen barked. A few minutes went by and Jen started to get worried herself. “You say what you caused!!!!” she screamed at Pikachu. He looked confused. “Well, Don’t just stand there!!!! We’re going to go find her.” she yelped. Pikachu’s eyes lit up with joy. “Just sniff out her trail!!!” Jen commanded Pikachu. Pikachu complied and in a few minutes, he was running along the trail. Jen was running behind him in a heartbeat.

    “Are you sure she’s around here Pik?” Jen asked. “Chu!” he said. “All right.” said Jen sounding unconvinced. The girl and the pokemon walked on deeper into the woods until the scent of her trail grew stronger. Pikachu started running. “Pikachu! Wait up!!!!!” Jen yelled as she ran after him. They both ran until they came to a spot full of trees. Jen and Pikachu had to climb through trees in order to get to Sammi. They found her hurled up against some pine trees. “Sammi!” yelled Jen. “You found me!” yelled the immortal of happiness. “Let’s play again!!!!!” “NO!!! WE’RE GOING HOME!!!!!” yelled Jen. Sammi just looked at her. “We’re just as soon as we find the way back!!!!” Jen continued. “I don’t the way.” said Sammi. “What?!?!?!?!?” yelled Jen as she turned to Sammi. “I wasn’t paying attention to the way back.” Sammi explained. “Why little brat!!!!!!” yelled Jen as she shook Sammi. Pikachu just sniffed. “Pikachu!!!!!” he yelled. Sammi and Jen looked up. “Huh? What is it Pikachu?” Jen asked. “Pika Pi!” he yelled as he pointed to clear path of trees. “Sweet! I think Pikachu’s found us a way out!” Jen exclaimed. The pokemon nodded. “Good boy!” she said. Pikachu started running down the path. Sammi just stood there confused. “How do you know what he’s saying?” she asked Jen. “Trust me! If Poppy can understand him, then it’s solid!” the immortal of the rain forest and friendship. Sammi thought for a minute then she said: “Oh Okay.” Then the girls followed Pikachu down the cleared path. “Oh and let’s keep this a secret!” Jen said quickly. “Sure.” Sammi agreed.
    All through it took Jen two times to convince Sammi to keep following the path and Pikachu, the girls made it home by dusk. Angela and Ash stood at the front door when the girls came up. “Good you’re home! We were worried that you were kidnapped!!!” Ash said in relief. “So how was your days, girls?” Angela asked them. “It was good.” said Jen. “I’ll tell you the truth.” the immortal of happiness spoke up. Jen grew nervous. “We were playing so long that we lost track of time.” Sammi continued. Then Jen began relax. “Well, that’s great to hear that girls. Now, dinner’s getting cold.” Angela said. “Yay!” yelled both of the girls. “Pika!” yelled Pikachu. Then everyone went into the house.
To Be Continued…