Chapter Thirteen: Poison:

The next morning came at Chiba Inu Cram School. Something didn't sit right with Tsuzuki and Hisoka. What was Muraki cooking up now? Why here of all places? The shinigami came to the principal's office as a start. Tsuzuki knocked on the door.

"Enter!" the principal called from inside.

"Excuse us," Hisoka said. The guys went inside and the principal at his desk looked up.

"Hello, can I help you?" he asked.

"Hi," Tsuzuki said. "We're visitors looking for a cousin of ours." The principal eyed the men in front of him.

"Okay�" he said. �Who are you looking for?"

"Do you have any staff members by the name of Muraki here?" Hisoka asked.

"It sounds familiar," the principal said. "Hang on." He turned to his computer and pulled up his database. "Mu-ra-ki," he said as he typed it in. Tsuzuki and Hisoka stood, waiting.

"Ah," the principal said. "There is a substitute who's been working in the chemistry lab these past two weeks."

"What's the full name?" Tsuzuki asked.

"Muraki Kazutaka," the principal said.

"Where is the chemistry lab?"

"Down the hall towards the back exit."

"Thank you!" Tsuzuki raced out of the room.

"Sir!" the principal yelled. "Wait! Slow down!" Tsuzuki was already in the hall.


The shinigami made it to the end of the hall and froze in his tracks. Muraki stood outside the chemistry lab, waiting.

"Hello, Tsuzuki-san," he greeted him, smirking. Tsuzuki glared at the doctor.

"Muraki!" he hissed. "What are you planning now?!" The corrupt doctor looked like a hurt little child.

"Why Tsuzuki-san," he said. "Why you assume that I would do such a thing?" The shinigami clenched his teeth.

"What was that black creature you were talking to the other day?" he asked. The doctor didn't budge.

"A friend of mine," he brushed off.

"Is your friend doing all of the killings in this school?" Tsuzuki asked. With one swift, elegant move, Muraki pinned the shinigami against the wall. Tsuzuki winced in discomfort as he licked his ear.

"I missed this," the doctor whispered. His tongue gently tapped the shinigami's neck. "Yes." He planted a kiss on Tsuzuki's neck. However, he happened to look down and notice the eye of his affection's left his ring finger.

"Oh, what's this?" Muraki asked as he picked up Tsuzuki's hand for a closer look.

"Yes, Muraki," Tsuzuki said in a calm tone. "I'm married now." He pushed the doctor away. His nemesis held back his anger.

"Who may I ask was lucky enough to be your spouse?" he asked. Tsuzuki stood, smiling.

"Kimoto Anna," he bragged. The doctor narrowed his eyes.

"Is that so? That woman?" he asked.


"And when did this happen?"

"Right after her birthday."

"Is that right? Well, this is unexpected."

"Yes, it is."

Muraki smirked. "This is an interesting turn of events."

Tsuzuki raised an eyebrow. "And why is that?"

The doctor took a step closer. "Let me ask you something, her kitsune has been freed, right?"

"Who told you that?"

"Am I right?"

"Who told you?"

"Ask my question first and then I'll answer yours."

Tsuzuki frowned at him as he battled to keep control of his temper. "Fine. Yes, the mother is awake. Now who told you about my wife's kitsune?"

Muraki smirked at his eye of affection. "I have my sources all the way in Meifu." Tsuzuki gritted his teeth. Anna was right; they did have a leak somewhere in Ju-Oh-Cho. That would be another thing to look into later. Right now, Tsuzuki needed to be here.

"So you say," he said. Muraki pushed up his glasses. "It is known that kitsune feed though� Oh, what's the word? Oh yes, carnal means."

Tsuzuki glanced downwards at his feet. "And your point is?"

Muraki smiled as shrug. "How are your wounds healing lately?"

Tsuzuki froze. "Why?"

"You know, marriages to kitsune end tragically."

The shinigami darted his eyes towards nemesis. "If you lay a hand on my Anna�"

Muraki held up his hand. "Now, now. I said nothing of the sort. I only spoke the truth." Tsuzuki drew back with his teeth clenched. Bastard, he thought.

"Anyway," Muraki said. "What will happen to that woman when her kitsune takes over, I wonder?" The shinigami eyed him with fire.

"Are you hinting something at me?" he asked. "What are you plotting at this school?" Muraki smiled and shook his head.

"For another time," he said. "Right now, class is about to begin." He pointed behind the shinigami as he spoke. Tsuzuki turned and saw the students walking in his direction. He gritted his teeth. The shinigami already had this case and the feeding problem to deal with. Now Muraki was mixed in with this too? Tsuzuki groaned aloud and shook his head.