Chapter Twenty-Nine: Polar:

Mike does not get her. Vivian�s too clean for his taste. He thought when she first moved in, how could they be sisters? Stella was a wild woman. She drank and partied every day. Mike even betted she had a good time in bed. The man sighed and lowered his head.

I never got the chance to see, he thought. Mike suddenly paused for he wasn�t alone. The demon glanced up to see Vivian staring at him. He frowned as they made eye contact.

�What?� he asked. Vivian frowned back at him.

�You don�t like me, do you?� she asked.

�What gave you that impression?� he asked.

�Well,� the college student began. �I live here for now.�

�Yes,� he said.

�But you need the money,� she pointed out. Mike snorted and rolled his eyes.

�Yes, yes,� he grumbled. He noticed her eyes locked on him.

�That�s not all, is it?� she asked. The American man gave her a blank stare.

�Huh?� he asked. She leaned in close to his face.

�I am not my sister,� she whispered.

�I know,� Mike whispered back. He narrowed his at her. �Which annoys me,� the man said.

�And why is that?� she asked.

�You don�t drink,� he complained. �You practically say no to everything: pills, parties, and sex.� Vivian backed up with stern look on her face.

�One, I�m still a minor,� she said. �Two, I value my future over drinking it away.�

�And the sex?� Mike asked. Vivian folded her arms across her chest.

�I prefer to stay a virgin until I marry,� the wolf demon said. Mike all but laughed at her statement. She gave him a funny look at his reaction.

�What?� she asked. He shook his head smirking.

�Nothing,� the man replied. �It just seems��

�Seems what?� Vivian challenged.

�Old-fashioned,� Mike replied. The wolf girl glared at him.

�And why do you think that?� she hissed.

�It just is,� the American man told her. �Who waits around anymore? Grab it when you can, I always say.� Vivian wrinkled her nose at him.

�I do!� she snapped. Mike smirked as he held back snicker.

�Well, that makes you a weirdo,� he said. Vivian gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.

�You!� she snapped, �You� you� you pig!� Mike chuckled as she stormed out of the living room. She was so fun to mess with in the end. Mike lied back on the couch. He still can�t figure her out, but yet he couldn�t help but to be drawn to her someway.

What us it with her? She�s not Stella and will be as boring as hell. Mike paused with a puzzled look on his face. So why�?

Hotaru watched them from the kitchen smiling. The plan�s working, she thought. She decided to activate part two with Vivian later this evening.