Chapter Nine: Poly Life:

Hotaru was living her best life. Akira grew into a charming, smart, and funny boy. He helped his mother around the house. His grades were good. He had good friends. Plus, he didn’t turn out evil.

Her love life was going great too.

Sixteen years with two of the greatest humans she had known. They were getting older but she didn’t care. This can’t last forever but she was okay with it.

Tonight was Sunday dinner. Hotaru loved to cook. They were having chicken this week. She smiled over the pot. A pair of arms grabbed her from behind. Hotaru giggled at the nuzzling on her neck.

“Hey,” Hiroyuki whispered. Hotaru smiled.

“Is the table set?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” he said. He kissed her on the neck. Hotaru giggled.

“Easy there,” she said. “I’m cooking. I don’t want to burn the chicken.” Hiroyuki let her go.

“It smells good,” he said.

“Thanks,” she said. The smell of cooking wine filled the air. Hotaru flipped over the chicken in the pan. Hiroyuki’s mouth watered.

“Mmm. I’m getting hungry already,” he said. Hotaru grinned.

“You’re going to love it,” she said. He only smiled.

“Can’t wait,” he said.

“I’m home!” they heard from the front door. Hotaru turned her head, smiling.

“Hey baby!” he shouted. “You brought the wine?” Ryo poked his head in the doorway.

“Sure did!” she said. The miiko held up her bag.

“Excellent,” Hotaru said. “Just set it on the table.”

“Alright,” Ryo said. She turned and walked towards the dining room. Hotaru turned to the rice pot. Just about ready.

“So who’s joining us tonight?” Hiroyuki asked.

“It’s just us,” the loli demon said. “Mike and Vivian went out tonight. I don’t know where Kazue is. So it’s just us tonight.” He kissed her on the cheek.

“Fine by me,” the man said.

“Akira’s going to hang out with some friends tonight after dinner,” the loli demon said. She returned to the chicken on the stove. Hiroyuki looked confused.

“On a Sunday?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Hotaru said. “He’ll join us for dinner though.”

“Where is he now?” her boyfriend asked.

“In his room,” she said. “He said he had some homework to finish.”

“Ah,” Hiroyuki said. Hotaru added the vegetables to the chicken and white wine sauce. Dinner was almost ready.


Three adults and one teenager sat at the table. Hotaru couldn’t stop smiling. It almost felt like a dream.

“This is good,” Akira said. He still struggled with a fork and knife.

“Take your time,” Hotaru said. Her son nodded. He put another piece in his mouth.

“Where did you get the recipe?” Ryo asked.

“I looked it up,” the loli demon said.

“Can you make this again?” Hiroyuki asked.

“Sure,” the loli demon said.

“Sweet!” Akira said. He shoved more chicken into his mouth. Hotaru could fly away. The chicken was good. She hadn’t even pulled out dessert yet. The loli demon squealed to herself.

“Could every day be like this?” she asked aloud. Hotaru noticed that everyone was staring at her oddly.

“Say what now?” Akira asked. Hotaru just shook her head.

“Oh, nothing,” she lied. Hotaru took another bite of chicken as she giggled. She loved family dinners.