Chapter Two: Prison

    “No lost words, whisper slowly, to me. Still can’t find what keeps me here. And all this time I’ve been so hollow, inside….”

-“Haunted” by Evanescence
    The day seemed faded and grey. Takeru walked to school in his navy school uniform lost in thought. His head throbbed in silent pain. “What did it all mean?” he thought. But before the boy could go any farther, someone raced over to him and glomped him hard. “Whoa!!!” Takeru yelped as he wobbled over. The two fell to the ground. The boy looked over to his left. Aneko lie beside him smiling.

    “Hey teddy.” she said cheerfully. “Oh, hi Usagi.” Takeru said sadly. Aneko caught his tone. “What’s wrong?” asked she. “Nothing.” Takeru spoke up. “Are you sure?” his girlfriend asked seriously. Takeru had nai excuses to say. Aneko was an immortal and she could sense any species and their feelings. He knew he couldn’t hide anything from her. So what could he say?

    Before Takeru could answer, the bell rang. The couple looked up. “We’re going to be late!!!!” the princess exclaimed. Then she grabbed her boyfriend and ran to their class. Takeru was relived. “Saved by the bell!” he thought.

    The day dragged on a bit. But Takeru didn’t mind one bit. However, the night would be like a painful whip.

    *Nightmare starts*

    The hall was long, kuro, and dirty. Takeru was being dragged down it. The grip of Roku’s henchmen crushed his arms, adding to his pain. Takeru gripped his teeth in suffering. His voice was gone and his throat was sore. The boy’s strength was gone. He couldn’t fight back.

    “Don’t worry,” the strong man hissed coldly. “You’ll be in a safe place.” That put some hope in Takeru. Ah! The power of sweet irony! (Noiz: *Shakes her head*)

The hall led to a cold dark medieval dungeon. Rats were all over the place. Hikari was scarce in this depressing graveyard.

    The stench of rotting corpses greeted them. Takeru held his breath in pain. That right there, told him this was all hell. Pure hell.

    Takeru and the henchmen came to a small dark and dirty cell. The thin guy unlocked the steel-bared door. Then the big guy threw Takeru to the ground in there. The boy was now in complete pain. His ribs, stomach, calf, arms, cheek, and chest were sore from torture. “This is where you will be staying from now on, you piece of shit!” the thin man growled. Then the barred door slammed shut and the man walked off.

    Takeru looked around. The place screamed depression and death. This was a death trap. But a more pitiful sight met him.

    In the corner of another cell, a body was hanging from the ceiling. IT was nearly decaying with flies and worms feasting on it. Just the mere sight of the corpse sent fear through. “I could be next.” he thought. The boy sat down in his cell trembling.

    *End of Nightmare*