Chapter Thirteen: Puppet Trap:

When Anna came to, she smelt drying rotten meat. Her nose curled as she sat up.

“Ew!” she shouted. It was then she noticed her surroundings. When did it get this dark?

“Asato-kun? Where did you go?” she asked. “Asato-kun? Asato-kun?” The howling winds gave her a sinking feeling.

“So that’s how you’re playing it?” Anna asked. She gritted her teeth. No, not tonight. The woman stood up and looked around. This endless black obscured her vision. Tsuzuki couldn’t haven gotten far. Speaking of which, where were they?

Anna reached out her hand. Chills ran through her body. The smell made her eyes water.

“Airi?” Anna asked. Silence. Just as she figured. I will not fall for this. She turned to her right. The silence was the worst. No vision. No sound. No weapons either. And alone too?

Anna narrowed her eyes.

She took one step to her right. Nothing happened. She took another step over. Still nothing. Anna had to keep moving. Staying put was suicide. It didn’t matter where she went. Anna took a breath and started running in the darkness. She didn’t focus on a plan yet. Right now, she had to keep moving.


Haruka knew this wasn’t enough. Separating them was a start. She needed more. The Mother wouldn’t stay down for too long either.

She needed to stay calm.

“Aki!” the old woman called out. “Come here!” The kitsune didn’t obey her master. Haruka turned her head.

“Aki!” she shouted again. “Come here now!” A kitsune’s face popped up from the darkness.

“Hm?” the creature asked. Haruka sighed.

“Where have you been?” she asked.

“Nowhere,” Aki said. Her mistress frowned.

“Are you ready?” she asked. The kitsune frowned. She didn’t have a choice. Everyone was tired at the point. Aki forced herself to smile.

“Yes,” she said. Aki vanished into thin air. Haruka smirked to herself. Now, the ending can begin.


Meanwhile, Tsuzuki started to wake up in another part of the darkness. He began to remember how and what happened.

“Oh shit,” the shinigami said to himself. He got up and started running.