Purple Playlists

Chapter Two: Dalliance

Chapter Four: Demon

Chapter Six: Angel Kiss

Chapter Eight: Cuddling

Chapter Ten: Family Dinner

Chapter Twelve: Sleeping with Ghosts

Chapter Fourteen: Back Temple

Chapter Sixteen: The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

Chapter Eighteen: Body

Chapter Twenty: Garden Kink

Chapter Twenty-Two: Principles of Love

Chapter Twenty-Four: Master

Chapter Twenty-Six: Body II

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Bang the Gong

Chapter Thirty: Late Night Love

Chapter Thirty-Two: Sweet Dreams Come at Night

Chapter Thirty-Four: Slow Night

Chapter Thirty-Six: Wasting Time

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Kinky Games

Chapter Forty: Blackened Evening

Chapter Forty-Two: Paradise Circus

Chapter Forty-Four: Time of Day

Chapter Forty-Six: Stroker Ace

Chapter Forty-Eight: Day Out

Chapter Fifty: You are Home