Chapter Eighteen: Questions for Love:


So many paths still awaited me. The ones I want to take involve Takashi. He doesn’t see them himself. He doesn’t see them himself. He’s just too innocent. I didn’t know how to push him forward.

“Takashi,” I spoke up. “What do you think of me?”

“You’re nice,” he said. “Really pretty and I like you.”

“In what way?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like a man likes a woman.”

“I… don’t… know…”

I sighed. “Never mind.” Takashi doesn’t get it and I don’t know how to get him to see it. Truth is, I want to start a relationship with him. Sadly, his mind is too naïve for things like relationships and love.

I leaned back in the bathtub. Maybe, I could show him what romance is. Yet, somehow that wouldn’t be a good idea. I already took his virginity. I don’t want him to end up fallen. Still, I found myself drawn to him after that night. That’s where I ended up stuck. I picked up my cell phone. One missed call? I didn’t recognize the number. Wrong number, perhaps? I cleared the notification and dialed up the Rose Club.

“Hello?” a voice of comfort asked.

“Mama?” I asked.

“Char-chan! How have you been?”

“I’m good. Listen, I have a question for you.”

“What is it?”

I pressed my lips together, thinking about how to say this. “Well… How do I win a man over?”

“Char-chan! You shouldn’t have trouble winning over a man.”

“This one is different. He just can’t seem to get it.”

“Is he gay?”

“No, no! It’s nothing like that! He’s…” …an angel? …clueless about human emotions? I pressed my lips together. “…different.”

“I’m not following.”

“It’s complicated. Can you help me out?”


“Thank you so much!”


I found Takashi in his room. Mama said that I had to be direct with him. I can’t come out and drop it on his head.

“Takashi,” I said. “I really like you.”

“What?” he asked. I saw down next to him, putting my arm around his shoulders.

“I really like you,” I said in his ear.

“Char-chan?” he asked.

“Shhh.” I moved his hand to my breasts. “Feels nice, huh?”

“I guess…”

I nuzzled him on the cheek. He didn’t try to push me off. However, he didn’t move either. I don’t think he knew what to do. I drew him in closer.

“I really do like you,” I whispered. “I just don’t know how to get you to understand.” I turned his face towards me. “Kiss me.”



“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” I shushed him as he opened his mouth. “It’s alright.” He pressed his lips against mine. I felt a little bit of something this time.

“What do we do now?” he whispered.

“Kiss me again,” I said. He gave me another kiss.

“Again,” I said. Takashi kissed me on demand. The more I ordered it, the more he gave. This could work for now. I can lead him in with baby steps. I slowly pulled away.

“Love me back,” I said. Takashi kissed me again. I buried my fingers in his dark hair.

This turned out to be night one of my charm to draw him in.