Red Roses of  Eternal Love
Dateline: T.K. has now got Gwen back now track with their relationship. Now it's a new refreshed relationship for them.
At Foxy's house under a garden arch away from the party: Ash had dragged Angela away from her new friend. "What is this about?" she asked him. "Well, what I wanted to ask was... was...." said Ash nervously. "Yes." said Angela. "Just forget it." Ash said sadly. "Okay." said Angela as he watched her walk away. "Why?!? Why don't I have the courage to purpose to her?" thought Ash as he fell to his knees. "Hey Ash! What's going on?" asked Brock after he snuck up behind him. Ash jumped up in fear and turned around. "Brock! Don't scare me like that!" he yelled. "Sorry. But what's going on?" asked Brock. "I was trying purpose to Angela, but I can't!" he yelled. "Talk to Venus about your problem." said Brock. "Brock! You always give the words of wisdom." said the twenty year old man with confidence. Foxy walked over to the guys and said: "Why are you two away from the party? Come back in!" Then she dragged both guys back to her party. Later Ash looked around for Kari's daughter. Then he found her over by the punch bowl. He quickly walked over to her. Ash tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around quickly. "Oh Ash I didn't know it was you." said Venus clamming down. "I need your help." he said. "Come to my house tomorrow and I'll help you." she said. "Okay." said Ash in relief.

Next day at Kari's future house in Venus' room: "Now what is the problem?" asked the cupid girl. "I'm having problems with Angela." said Ash. "Are two breaking up?" she asked. "No." he said. "Any cheating?" she asked. "No, Not that I know of." he said sounding quite sure. "Then what is it?" asked Venus. "I'm having trouble with purposing to her." he said. "What do you mean?" she asked sounding confused. "How and when should I do it?" he asked. Well Venus thought for a moment and thought really hard. Then she came up with an idea. "I got it! Why don't you purpose to her tomorrow." she said cheerfully. "Why?" he asked curiously. "Because! Tomorrow is new years eve, you can purpose to her at the party, and besides, it's more romantic!" she said. Ash was beginning to get the whole idea. "Now as for how to purpose to her." said Venus. Then she whispered in his ear an very popular idea. "I'll do it!" he yelled. Then he got up and left.

Angela's house at ten o'clock at night: Angela closed the door behind her and locked it. She saw the light on her answering machine blinking. So she pressed the button. "You have one message." said the voice on the answering machine. "Hey Angela. This is Ash. I was just wondering: Would you like go to the new year's eve party tomorrow in Hiroshima?" said the message from Ash on the answering machine. So Angela dialed his phone number. "Hello. This is the Ketchum resident. I can't come to the phone right, But if you leave message I'll call you back." said Ash's answering machine. "Hey Ash. This is Angela and I accept your invitation." said Angela. Then she hung up the phone. Where was Ash at this time? Shopping for gifts for Angela.

Next day at Angela's house at seven o'clock in the morning: Angela was about to leave when she heard the doorbell. So she ran to the and answered it. It was Ash. "Oh Ash! I didn't except you here early!" she said very surprise. "I have a surprise for you." said Ash. "What is it?" asked Angela. He gave her a huge box. Angela opened the box. It was a silk blanket. "Oh Ash! I love it!" she said. Then she noticed something else. "There's another box in here." she said as she pulled it out. She was about to open it up but Ash grabbed it out of her hands. "Hey! Why did you do that for?" she asked. "The rest of it's a surprise." he said. "Oh!" said Angela. "Now come on. The bus is waiting for us." he said. She followed him out the door. Angela closed the door behind them.

Outside to the bus at Gwen's house in Gwen's driveway: The couple walked up to the bus and got on board it. "I just pray that we don't run into any other vehicles!" said Gwen. "Why?" asked Angela. "You what happens every time we get on this bus!" said Kari. "Is everyone ready?" asked Jordan over the intercom. "Yes." they said. Jordan put the key in reverse and backed out of the driveway. Then she turned the key in drive and drove off. "Just pray we don't crash into anything!" yelled Gwen. The others agreed. Then Shana, Lisa, Serena, Chillie, and Erica clung tightly to the nearest poles. "Any we there yet daddy?" asked Kristy. "No." said Tai. "I'm bored!" said Angela. "Oh No! Angela is bored! I better think of something quick! I know! I'll give her another one of her presents!" thought Ash. Then he quickly picked up the box. "Hey Angela!" he said as he carried the box over to her. "Yes Ash." she said as she looked up from a magazine she had looked at over twenty times. "Why don't you up another present." suggested Ash. "All right." she said.  Angela opened the second box. This time it was a light pink silk kimono decorated with cherry blossoms printed on it. "Ash! It's wonderful!" yelled Angela. "I'm glad you like it." said ash. Then she hugged him tight. Then she saw another box and took it out. Ash grabbed it out of her hands.

In the streets of  Hiroshima about two miles from the hotel: Jordan was driving the bus the speed limit when a mattress truck pulled in front of her, causing her to turn a very tight corner. When did all of her passengers fell down on the floor. "WHY DO YOU WATCH WHERE GOING DUMMY?!?" yelled Jordan. The  mattress driver just smirked. "Uh... Angela! Why don't you up another one of your presents." Ash suggested. "Right!" said Angela. Then she quickly unwrapped her next package. In this one it was a some silky underwear (Bras, panties, and a slip.) "Cute." she said in an unamused tone of voice. Then she saw another box and took it out. Ash grabbed it out of her hands. "I'm sorry about that." said Jordan over the intercom. "That's okay." said Zoey. Then Shana looked out the window. She saw the huge hotel. "We're here!" she yelled. The future children cheered. Then Jordan pulled into the parking lot. "Now people. Stay here while I make reservations." said Jordan over the intercom. Then she climbed off the bus and walked to the hotel. "Here Angela. You can up another one of your presents." said Ash as he handed the box. Then she slowly up it up. Inside was a bath set (Liquid soap, nail brush, body cream, and spray.) "This nice." said Angela. "I'm glad you like it!" said Ash. "I am one step closer to standing at the altar with her!" he thought. Just then Jordan came out. The other ran to the windows to see her answers. Jordan stuck up a thumb's up sign meaning they can come in now. So the others took their bags off the bus and walked into the hotel. T.K. took Gwen by the hand. "I wonder what else is in that box?" thought Angela as she looked closely at the in Ash's arms.

Ash and Angela's room twelve thirty: "Can't I open my eyes yet Ash?" asked Angela. "Not yet! We're almost there!" he said. He dragged her to their room and opened the door. "Okay. Now you can open your eyes now!" said Ash. Angela opened her eyes and was in shock. The walls were decorated with red rose wall paper, five candles were on the dresser, five floating glitter candles shaped into a big rose with leaves in a glass bowl with water in the bowl, and the room smelled of roses and irises. Angela was excited. Then something caught her eye. There was only one bed. "Ash. Why is there only one bed?" asked Angela. "I think you know why." said Ash slyly. Then it hit her. "I kinda not ready for that." she said shyly. They talked about it while Angela was brushing her hair in the mirror. "Hey Angela do you wanna go for lunch?" Ash finally asked shyly. "Sure." said Angela. So Ash looked up for a fancy restaurant that wasn't expensive in the phone book. He found it. Then he picked up the phone and dialed up the number of Liquor Dreams. "Hello." said the hostess on the other line. "Is this the Liquor Dreams restaurant?" asked Ash. "Yes." said the hostess. "I'd like to make reservations." he said. "For how many?" she asked as she scribbled down the information. "Two." said Ash. "All right. We'll have your table ready in a few minutes." said the hostess. "Okay. Bye" said Ash as he hung up the phone. The hostess hung up the phone as well. "Angela! We're going to Liquor Dreams!" Ash announced to his girlfriend. "Liquor Dreams? What is that?" she asked in shock. "The most fanciest restaurant in town." said Ash. Angela was amazed. "Oh and here! Open your next present." he said as he handed her the box. She opened it nicely. It was a victorian luxuries body & bath collection. "This is really nice!" she said. "Great!" said Ash.  Then Ash took his lady by the hand, grabbed the box, and they went to the fanciest restaurant in town.

At Liquor Dreams at two o'clock: Ash and his lady waited to be seated. "Are you the Ketchum party of two?" asked the hostess came out to them. Her golden brown hair was in a bun with a few strands of her hair in a bang, she was dressed in a blue silk skirt that had a lilac roses with mint colored leaves pattern printed on it, a dark blue silk blouse, dark blue panty hoses, and black low heel shoes. "Yes." said Ash. "Let me show you to your table." she said as she lead the couple over to a perfectly decorated table by the window and walked away once they found it. Then Ash pulled out a chair for his lady. Angela sat down in it. Then she pushed herself up to the table. Then Ash sat himself down. "Here are your menus." said a Japanese waitress as she sat the two cups of tea and two menus on the table and walked away. Ash and Angela looked at their menus. Then the Japanese waitress came back and took their orders. While waiting for their food, Ash decided that it was time for Angela to open another. "Angela." he said nervously to her. "Yes." she said as she turned around him. Then Ash handed her the box. She opened the box. Inside was a luxurious wine colored embroiled wrap and another box inside. "I'll wear this right now." said Angela as she put it around her. Then the waitress came with their meals. After that wonderful lunch, Ash took her by her hand, grabbed the box, paid the hostess, and left.

Back at the hotel in Ash and Angela's room at five o'clock: "Now what am I suppose to give her again?" thought Ash while he was reading a Watchdog magazine when Angela asked him a small question. "Ash! What should I wear?" she asked from the bathroom. Angela was getting dressed for the New year's eve party tonight. Then he remembered. "That's right I'm supposed to give her the next present." thought Ash. Then he grabbed the box and walked over to the bathroom door. "Why do you wear the new kimono I brought?" suggested Ash. "And here, You can open your next present." He slid the box into the bathroom. "All right." she said. Then Angela picked up the box and opened it. Inside the box was a pair of black slip-on low heel shoes and another. "I'll wear these along with my kimono." she said. "Give my the box." he said. She passed it back to him. Ash waited for a few minutes until Angela said: "Why don't you go now without me. I'll come later." Then she slipped into her new kimono. "Okay sure." said Ash. Then he got up off the bed and walked out the door. He was greeted by Venus in the hall. "Did you purpose to her yet?" she asked. "No. But I will." he said quietly. "You don't have that much time." said Venus. Then she flew away. He didn't get. Then he walked downstairs to the cafe.

In the cafe at seven o'clock: Ash sat down at the booth and ordered a pepsi one,  Dr. pepper, and two straws for him and his lady. Then he took both drinks to the nearest table, sat them down, sat down, and put one straw until his glass. Then he practiced his purposle until Angela showed up. She was beautiful! She was so beautiful that Ash was speechless. Then she walked over to him and sat down with him. "I... I got you a drink!" he said. "Thank you." she said sweetly. Then put a straw in her glass. Suddenly the lights grew dim and the spotlights came on. It was time for a karaoke show. The singer tonight was Erica Tachikawa. Gwen was cheering her cousin on. While Erica was singing Ash turned to his lady and gave her the box. She opened it. This time it was a genuine abalone expansion watch. Angela put it on as a sign of appreciation. Ash took back the box. When it was time for the dance party, Ash looked at the clock. It read eleven forty five. Ash knew it was now or never. So he took Angela by her hand and ran back to their bedroom. He told her to get into the bed. So she did and he did the same thing. "Now Ash what is this about?" she asked. "Well... Angela we have been dating for a long time and I was wondering..." Ash started off as he opened the last present for her and opened the box. It was a pearl and diamond engagement ring. "Ten... nine... eight...!" yelled the people downstairs. "Will you marry me?" he asked aloud. "Seven... six... five...!" yelled the people downstairs. Angela gave him a long kiss on the lips. "Four... Three... two!" the people downstairs got louder. "In english... Yes." she said. "ONE! HAPPY NEW YEAR!" yelled the people downstairs.

Aftermath: Jordan drove home peacefully! (Iris: That's a first!) "We're getting married!" announced Ash. The others on the clapped. But Misty didn't! She was ANGRY! Because some guy promised her a dance with her but he lied to her! "What's eating her?" asked T.K. Danny just shrugged. "That guy was such a jerk!" thought Misty. Then she threw his ring out the bus window in RAGE!  SHUT UP IRIS! yelled Misty Iris: < while fixing her bun on the right side of her head > Touchy!

The End

Next time: Then Jenny leaned over to Matt and kissed him on the cheek. "< sigh > If I just pretend that Tai and Ellie aren't here, This would be a perfect night, just Matt and me in a fancy restaurant! Nothing can go wrong!" Jenny thought as she looked at Matt and at Tai and Ellie.Then Mimi walked in. "Hey Matt." she said sweetly. "Who invited you here?!?" yelled Jenny. "Myself." said Mimi as she straighted her hair back. "Matt! What is this stripper doing here?!?" Jenny. "I don't know." said Matt. "This doesn't look good!" Ellie whispered to Tai.