Rapture Like Blood Playlist

  1. Chapter One: Cracks: "Enjoy the Silence (Mike Shinoda Reinterpretation)" by Depeche Mode
        When I first saw the video, I fell in love with the song.

  2. Chapter Two: Demented Innocence: "Becoming X" by Sneaker Pimps
        Ah, Kelli-era of Sneaker Pimps were so light and dark at the same time.

  3. Chapter Three: Forbidden Taste: "Sur Tes Pas (Corny Dream Mix)" by Autour de Lucie
        First discovered this song on series four of the now-over show, L Word. Show with great music (except for the opening theme.)

  4. Chapter Four: She Knows it's Hard: "You Know it's Hard" by the Crystal Method
        Another good dance song for the story.

  5. Chapter Five: Confirmation: "Tomorrow" by Ladytron
        The band just makes me think about Emiko and Hotaru for some reason. Don't know why.

  6. Chapter Six: Tokyo Case Review: "15 Ghosts II" by Nine Inch Nails
        Trent Reznor is sick, but brilliant.

  7. Chapter Seven: There's a Ghost in Me: "Ghosts" by Ladytron
        More Ladytron for Emiko and Hotaru.

  8. Chapter Eight: Fox Hint: "Fascination Street" by the Cure
        The Cure makes things sound good for this series, don't you agree?

  9. Chapter Nine: Haunting: "Pale Horses" by Moby
        I'm still trying to form an opinion about Wait for Me. Maybe because I haven't heard all of the songs from the album like I have with Last Night.

  10. Chapter Ten: Guilt: "Half Life" by Sneaker Pimps
        I just love this song!

  11. Chapter Eleven: Possessed!: "Deep" by Nine Inch Nails
        Song fits with the chapter perfectly, if I say so myself.

  12. Chapter Twelve: Siren Trap: "Wrong" by Depeche Mode
        I had to use this song in the story somehow.

  13. Chapter Thirteen: Nobu II: "Future Starts Slow" by the Kills
        Ever since I saw the video, I fell fast for the song.

  14. Chapter Fourteen: Sea of Crimson Spray: "Baptism of Blood" by Malice Mizer
        Good JRock band. Too bad they broke up.

  15. Chapter Fifteen: Interrogation: "Seventeen" by Ladytron
        A Ladytron song not for Hotaru and Emiko? Got you there!

  16. Chapter Sixteen: All Girls' Night: "Maria" by Blondie
        This song makes me think of girls and summer fun on the beach.

  17. Chapter Seventeen: Nobu's Files: "The Fuel" by Sneaker Pimps
        Chris-era Sneaker Pimps always had a dark and sexy feel to them compared to Kelli's light and poppy taste.

  18. Chapter Eighteen: Words I Never Said: "Words I Never Said" by Lupe Fiasco
        Saw the video and can't song playing the song anymore.

  19. Chapter Nineteen: Dear Willow: "World in My Eyes" by Depeche Mode
        Dave Gahan always has a sexy feel to different songs.

  20. Chapter Twenty: Go Back Home: "Lillian" by Depeche Mode
        Another sexy Depeche Mode song for the story.

  21. Chapter Twenty-One: Daisuke's Notes: "Low Five" by Sneaker Pimps
        Another song from the Chris-era of Sneaker Pimps.

  22. Chapter Twenty-Two: Toshima Letters: "No. 9" by Asian Kung-Fun Generation
        This band looks so geeky, but they rock.

  23. Chapter Twenty-Three: Sharon Kimoto: "White Flag" by Dido
        I haven't heard much from Dido lately. Strange.

  24. Chapter Twenty-Four: Call to My Husband: "The Red" by Chevelle
        Not exactly my first choice in songs for the series, but it worked.

  25. Chapter Twenty-Five: Commander to General: "Sexy Boy" by Air
        Another sexy song for Emiko and Hotaru.

  26. Chapter Twenty-Six: Inner Echoes of Myself: "Inner Universe" by Yoko Kanno
        Kanno-san rocks! Plus, she has a good resume. Go Google it.

  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven: Scan Test: "Find My Baby" by Moby
        Another good Moby song for the series.

  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight: Misunderstanding to Love: "This is the Day" by Ivy
        Ah, haven't heard any Ivy in a while. So, here you go.

  29. Chapter Twenty-Nine: Innervision: "Innervision" by System of a Down
        Just had to use this song again. Just had to.

  30. Chapter Thirty: Our Pact: "Number One" by Goldfrapp
        Goldfrapp brings a nice little finish to the story on this one.